Kheema stuffed paratha Recipe

The kheema has to be absolutely dry else paratha will crack

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Kheema stuffed paratha

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Ingredients for Kheema stuffed paratha Recipe

  • As required Left over kheema
  • As required dough for making paratha
  • As required oil for gresing the tava.

Directions: Kheema Stuffed Paratha Recipe

  • STEP 1.1 kg hand chopped meat from the neck n chest region preferably of a goat not more than 3 months old. Wash clean tge meat in collander . Boil it along with 15 green cardamom 1 cinnamom stick 8 10 lavang 2 bay leaves for 1 boil only. Pulp 4 onions. make paste of ginger garlic n green chillies. Heat oil in kadai. when hot add the onion paste slowly. cook it than add ginger garlic paste. stir well add little haldi. than add 1 cup green fresh peas. cook. add tbe meat with water n let it simmer away till meat is cooked. Add lots of butter. check for salt. add as per your choice. switch off the gas add kothmir.
  • STEP 2.Make a thick small roti of the dough. In the palm of your hand make a cup. putsome kheema in this cup. Seal the cup. roll a thick paratha. grease the tava. put the kheema on the greased surface. after some time grease the open top and trn over. after some time remove.
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Recipe By Nayak Vinayak