Grilled Egg-Mayo Sandwich Recipe

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Famously available in Kolkata’s New Market area, the grilled egg-mayo sandwich is a light and easy snack. It has a creamy filling and crisp outer layer, due to the bread being cooked. Sandwiches were invented in 1762, a few years after the invention of mayonnaise in 1756. It is believed that the French chef of the Duke de Richelieu invented mayonnaise, which was re-conceived by Marie-Antoine Carême in the early 1800s. When the duke won against the British at Port Mahon, his chef created a celebratory feast, which included a sauce made with cream and eggs. The chef realised that there was no cream in the kitchen, and he added olive oil instead. Mayonnaise was born; the chef named it 'Mahonnaise' to represent the Duke's victory. Today, egg-mayo sandwiches are also served as a part of British afternoon tea.

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Grilled Egg-Mayo Sandwich

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Ingredients for Grilled Egg-Mayo Sandwich Recipe

  • As required Sliced bread
  • As required Boiled Eggs
  • As required Mayonnaise
  • As required Salt
  • As required Pepper crushed
  • As required Diced Onions
  • As required Chopped coriander leaves
  • As required Butter

Directions: Grilled Egg-mayo Sandwich Recipe

Steps To Prepare

  • STEP 1.Slice the boiled eggs. Apply mayonnaise to the bread slices and place the sliced eggs on the bread slices.
  • STEP 1.Add salt, crushed pepper, onions and coriander leaves.

Cooking Directions

  • STEP 1.Apply butter on the outer face of the bread and grill it.

Storage And Serving Method

  • STEP 1.Cut into halves and serve with your favourite sauce.
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Recipe By Slurrp