Flaming Lamborghini Recipe

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The Flaming Lamborghini is a popular and visually stunning cocktail that is sure to impress your guests. This layered drink combines the flavors of coffee liqueur, Irish cream, blue curacao, and sambuca. The drink is then set on fire, creating a beautiful blue flame. It is a perfect choice for special occasions or when you want to add a touch of excitement to your cocktail menu.

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Flaming Lamborghini

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Ingredients for Flaming Lamborghini Recipe

  • 1 ounce Coffee Liqueur
  • 1 ounce Irish Cream
  • 1 ounce Blue Curacao
  • 1 ounce Sambuca

Directions: Flaming Lamborghini Recipe

Cooking Directions

  • STEP 1.Pour the coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and blue curacao into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  • STEP 2.Shake well to combine the ingredients.
  • STEP 3.Strain the mixture into a shot glass.
  • STEP 4.Carefully pour the sambuca over the back of a spoon to create a layer on top of the drink.
  • STEP 5.Ignite the sambuca using a lighter or match.
  • STEP 6.Serve the Flaming Lamborghini immediately while the flame is still burning.

Cooking Tips

  • Be cautious when working with fire. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby and keep long hair and loose clothing away from the flame.
  • Use high-quality ingredients for the best flavor and presentation.
  • Serve the Flaming Lamborghini on a fireproof surface to prevent any accidents.

Storage and Serving

  • The Flaming Lamborghini should be served immediately after it is prepared.
  • Do not attempt to store or refrigerate the drink as it will lose its visual appeal and the flame will extinguish.
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Recipe By Slurrp