Chinese Hand Made Wheat Noodles Recipe

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Simple homemade fresh noodles made from whole wheat flour. The two most common types of Chinese wheat noodles are lo mein and chow mein. Both are made from wheat flour and egg, and they're cylindrically shaped, like spaghetti, but a bit thicker. Homemade egg-less wheat noodles made from scratch. These Chinese homemade noodles are suitable for soups as well as stir-fried or boiled with toppings added to them. They are springy in texture and easy to prepare.

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Chinese Hand Made Wheat Noodles

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Ingredients for Chinese Hand Made Wheat Noodles Recipe

  • 400 gram Plain flour
  • 150 milliliter Warm water
  • As required Salt

Directions: Chinese Hand Made Wheat Noodles Recipe

step 1

  • STEP 1.In a large mixing bowl combine 400 gm plain flour and 150 ml warm water.

step 2

  • STEP 1.Knead into a smooth and firm dough.

step 3

  • STEP 1.Cover the bowl and leave it to rest for 2 hours.

step 4

  • STEP 1.Dust a clean flat surface with flour and place half the dough on the surface.

step 5

  • STEP 1.Roll out into 2 mm or 3mm thin sheet. Dust generously with flour while rolling.

step 6

  • STEP 1.Once rolled out, dust the surface of the sheet with flour and begin to fold the sheet from one end to the middle to form a log.

step 7

  • STEP 1.Do the same from the other end of the sheet till both the logs meet.

step 8

  • STEP 1.Thinly slice the rolled sheet or to any desired thickness.

step 9

  • STEP 1.Pick up the middle where the two rolls meet and shake out the noodles.

step 10

  • STEP 1.In a large saucepan bring 2 litre of water to a boil.

step 11

  • STEP 1.Place the noodles in the boiling water and turn the heat to medium low and cook for 2 minutes.

step 12

  • STEP 1.Stir very gently to help separate the noodles.

step 13

  • STEP 1.Then remove and drain the noodles. Serve in a bowl with desired accompaniment.
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Recipe By Slurrp