Chena Cake Recipe

Recipe By Saheli Mudi

#FoodOcean #SLURRP #WomensDay_Special_Momsmagic post no-1 I made my experimented recipe for the first time.

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Chena Cake

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Ingredients for Chena Cake Recipe

  • NaN Cups chena(cheese)
  • 0.67 Tsp Semolina
  • 0.33 Tsp Flour
  • NaN Cups Suger
  • 0.67 Tbsp Butter
  • As Required rated cocolate as needed
  • As Required Strawberry jelly

Directions: Chena Cake Recipe

  • STEP 1.I made a good paste of chena/cheese semolina flour sugar butter in a mixer grinder
  • STEP 2.I put butter in small baking molds and poured the chena/cheese mixture
  • STEP 3.I spread the grated chocolate on top
  • STEP 4.Preheat to 180 degrees in microwave convection mode and bake for 25 minutes
  • STEP 5.When the cake is cold
  • STEP 6.Apply strawberry jelly evenly on top of the cake
  • STEP 7.A little chena
  • STEP 8.Sugar powder should be mixed well
  • STEP 9.Make small chena balls, flatten and arrange on the cake.
  • STEP 10.special chena cake was made.
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    Recipe By Saheli Mudi