Bartender's Root Beer Recipe

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Bartender's Root Beer is a refreshing and flavorful cocktail that combines the classic taste of root beer with a kick of alcohol. This cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy the nostalgic taste of root beer but want to add a little twist to their drink. With a blend of vodka, root beer, and a splash of lime juice, Bartender's Root Beer is a delightful and easy-to-make cocktail that is sure to impress your guests.

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Bartender's Root Beer

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Ingredients for Bartender's Root Beer Recipe

  • 1.50 ounce Vodka
  • 6 ounce Root Beer
  • 1 Wedge Of Lime
  • as needed Ice Cubes
  • as per your need Lime Wedge For Garnish

Directions: Bartender's Root Beer Recipe

Cooking Directions

  • STEP 1.Fill a glass with ice cubes.
  • STEP 2.Pour 1.5 ounces of vodka over the ice.
  • STEP 3.Add 6 ounces of root beer to the glass.
  • STEP 4.Squeeze a wedge of lime into the glass and stir gently.
  • STEP 5.Garnish with a lime wedge and serve chilled.

Storage and Serving

  • Serve Bartender's Root Beer immediately after preparation for the best taste.
  • You can adjust the amount of vodka and root beer according to your preference.
  • For a non-alcoholic version, simply omit the vodka and enjoy a refreshing root beer mocktail.
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Recipe By Slurrp