5 Egg Recipes For Dinner You Must Try 2022

  • Aanchal Mathur
  • November 25, 2021

Let's just admit, eggs are a hit in almost all forms that they are served in- from baked, fried and scrambled to boiled or poached, we can gobble up an egg dishes in a matter of minutes. That's how much we love eggs! Atleast I know I do. Surely chicken and paneer may rank high up on your list when it comes to protein, but when looking for quick and delicious comfort food one can toss up quickly - eggs are your best bet. And this is why, we've got you a few recipes you can try for dinner next time.

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4.716 Rating

Egg Biryani

4.826 Rating

Keto Egg Roll In A Bowl

4.718 Rating

Egg Curry

5.013 Rating

Egg Paratha

4.917 Rating

Kolhapuri Anda Suka Curry


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