Zomato Requests Users To Avoid Ordering Food During Afternoon
Image Credit: Zomato/Instagram

If you have been receiving food or product deliveries lately, you must have witnessed the condition in which riders arrive. Their face is covered with a cloth piece and body is hidden under layers of gloves and full t-shirts to prevent suffering from heat stroke. Despite the mercury surpassing the 50°C mark, these people continue to deliver your orders.

Keeping the same thought in mind, Zomato, an online food aggregator, published a request (issued in the public interest) on X (formerly called Twitter). While their plea came from a genuine place, netizens had a few suggestions for the owner of the platform. Read the request and suggestions below.

Zomato Requests Users To Avoid Ordering Food During Afternoon

The official handle of Zomato posted, “Please avoid ordering during peak afternoon unless absolutely necessary.” The post was published on June 2, 2024, and it has over 732k views. Over 800 users on X have commented on it.

The idea behind the post was to urge people to take note of the temperature and avoid ordering during peak afternoon. It will prevent riders from riding bikes when the heatwave is at its peak, and they can avoid heat stroke and its symptoms.

Netizens Ask To Close Service

While most people agreed with the idea of not ordering in the afternoon, they had a suggestion for the food aggregator. A user wrote that they would delete the application post reading the request. ”It’s useless now,” the comment further read.

Another user asked, “Why don't [you] instead suspend your services during peak afternoon?” To this, a person replied that since Zomato is a service company they cannot suspend their services. Moreover, if the services are suspended, delivery guys will get paid less. Another wrote that working on necessary orders is better than suspension.

A person X schooled Zomato saying that people only order food when it is absolutely necessary. “If you actually care about your employees, you would be posting ‘Our services are unavailable during peak afternoon hours.’” A person wrote in the comment about how Zomato knows about the importance of incentives for riders, therefore, they are not shutting down their service and requesting people to be watchful of the time of orders unless 'absolutely' necessary.

A person, identifying as Vibhor Varshney, wrote that nobody orders food from outside unless it is necessary. He also shared a picture of a man riding a bike with a poly roof attached to it. He suggested that riders (who work on incentives) should buy this piece worth Rs 800 to protect themselves from the heat.