Zara Hatke Zara Bachke Stars Get A Taste Of Kulhad Pizza
Image Credit: Sara and Vicky enjoying kulhad pizza in Indore

Sara Ali Khan and Vicky Kaushal have been travelling around the country to promote their upcoming film Zara Hatke Zara Bachke. The promotion spree has been as entertaining as the film promises to be as they are interacting with the general public and giving out interesting statements during every press interaction. And while the entire promotional campaign has been fun one of the best parts about both the actors is the fact that they have tried every local dish in the places that they have visited. Their latest visit was to the city of Indore and as usual, they let the foodies inside them surface. 

Indore is known as one of the places in India where you find the best street food. It is a dream of every foodie to go on a food haul in the city. and it seems like Sara and Vicky are living our dreams! the actress posted a video on Instagram where she was seen tasting the viral fusion street food called kulhad pizza! As we know, our street vendors can get really creative while making new dishes and this is one of those creations that has become very popular in the time of social media. It is basically the fillings of pizza including all the veggies and cheese stuffed inside of an earthen cup. Sara seemed to have loved this delicious fusion street food and she called it truly "hatke".

Recipe credits - PREETI's KITCHEN

On the other hand, Vicky was also trying a street food that has become viral in recent days. He had a serving of potato twisters in his hand. It is basically a type of potato fries, where the vegetable is sliced in a round, thin shaped and mixed with spices. It is then deep fried and presented in a stick, one slice piled over the other. The actor was seen in Sara’s video, enjoying the taste of the potato snack. 

Vicky and Sara, like we mentioned, have been promoting their film nonstop and have been giving us food goals as well. from Rajasthan to West Bengal, they have tried a lot of dishes like authentic Rajasthani thali as well as puchka from Kolkata. Let us see what their next destination is and what local dish is on their minds after this!