Yuenyeung: An Impressive Hong Kong-Style Coffee Infused With Tea

Tea and coffee are the two most popular drinks that share a million of loyal fans around the world. For fans like us, deciding between these two soul-satisfying drinks is usually just a tough call. Yuenyeung is here to extricate you from such a dilemma. Yuenyeung is a popular coffee with tea, also known as ‘cofftea’. This drink has its roots in Hong Kong. It is put together from a mixture of three parts of coffee and seven parts of milk tea. To make yuenyeung, the Hong Kong-style milk tea is preferred for bringing an authentic taste to the drink. That tea is made from an amalgamation of black and condensed milk. You can enjoy this drink both hot and cold. 

The name 'yuenyeung’ refers to mandarin ducks. It is a species of perching ducks that are believed to be lifelong couples, as these birds usually appear in pairs unlike other species of ducks. This is why Mandarin ducks are regarded as a symbol of conjugal love, affection and fidelity in Chinese culture. This same connotation of a ‘pair’ of two unlike items is used to name this drink. It is clear that this remarkable drink originated in Hong Kong. It was the year 1952 when this drink was created by a cafe owner, who was known as Lam. Although, even after so many years of its discovery, the creator remains unverified. Earlier when the drinks took its forn in Hong Kong, it was originally served open air food vendors and cafes but with the passage of time and growing demands for this palatable drink , it is now sold in all restaurants throughout the country. 

During the summer of 2010, Starbucks stores in Hong Kong and Macau promoted a frappuccino version of the drink. It was sold as the ‘Yuen Yeung Frappuccino Blended Cream’. The best part about this drink is that there is also a caffeine-free variant of Yuenyeung that is called as children's yuenyeung. This kid-friendly version is made of Horlicks and Ovaltine which are commonly seen to be offered at cafes in Hong Kong.

Which one would you be interested in trying? Blend this drink soon and let us know your experience.