YouTuber's Bread Pizza Sandwich Video Goes Viral

The kitchen is a place where everyone loves to showcase their creativity. From experimenting with ingredients to making fusion dishes, cooking has no boundaries. You can find plenty of videos on social media where chefs, restaurants, and street vendors are seen creating their own versions of classic recipes. Sometimes the result is amazing and gets much appreciation from the audience, while in other cases, it receives criticism.  

However, if you go through a few of the recipes, they are worth trying at home. It is easy to prepare, requires no fancy ingredients and can be cooked in very little time. The best example of such a dish is YouTuber Vatsala Verma’s 2-minute bread pizza Sandwich. Made using your regular kitchen tawa, this dish is not only tasty but can also get ready in no time. 

Everyone will agree that making pizza at home is not a simple task. It takes a lot of time and patience, and you need a microwave or oven too for baking it. So, this bread pizza sandwich is a perfect alternative to surprise your family and friends with a good snack. Here is the full video. Take a look. 

The main ingredients for making this treat are chopped onions, capsicum, tomatoes, sweet corn mozzarella cheese, spreads, and two bread slices. Vatsala starts the recipe by rubbing butter on one side of a bread slice and mayonnaise on the other. Now she layers it with onions, grated cheese, sweet corn, and chopped vegetables, along with the seasoning of some salt, black pepper, chilli flakes, and oregano. Finally, she covers it with another slice of bread slathered with butter and pizza sauce. 

Then comes the most interesting part: instead of using an oven, Vatsala cooks the bread pizza sandwich on a tawa. She heats the tawa and places the sandwich on it. To let it cook properly, she reduces the flame to low and covers it with a glass lid. After two minutes, Vatsala flips the sandwich and cooks it on the other side. And that’s it; the delicious, cheesy bread pizza sandwich is ready to serve. Wasn’t that very easy?

The video was uploaded on YouTube from an account named @India Eats and has gotten more than 3.5 crore views and 5.5 lakh likes since being posted. The comment section is flooded with amazing reviews about the recipe and people have approved of this 2-minute bread pizza sandwich as a great breakfast or snack that can be prepared at home with no fuss.