Your Hunt For The Best Biryani In Kolkata Ends At These 5 Places
Image Credit: Aminia is known for selling the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow.

The legacy of Kolkata Biriyani lies in it’s potato and egg and of course not to miss the chunk of mutton (at times chicken too). The potato in the biriyani has always been debatable. It’s said that when the Nawab Wajid Ali, the  King of Awadh was dethroned by the British, he then exiled to Kolkata from Lucknow. He had a great fancy for tastes and flavours and keeping the same intact which he didn't want to compromise he brought the entire team of Khanshama and bawarchis. But due to scarcity of money he had to do cost control and the all-debatable aloo got its place in the biriyani. This helped to cut down on the meat quantity. Though it saw lower meat-to-rice ratio, but taste wise it was absolutely amazing. 

And knowing how much people of Kolkata love their biriyani, here are a list of 6 best biriyani places in the city.

Royal Indian Hotel Pvt. Ltd

There would be hardly anyone from Kolkata who loves biriyani and has not tasted the biriyani at Royal Indian Hotel Pvt. Ltd, Chitpur. This 2-storied restaurant sees some old school steep staircase. The biriyani here sees a little history which says that it is still prepared by those from the Rakhabdars lenegae who used to cook for the Nawab the biriyani without aloo and egg and they are still stuck to their root go by the no potato/ egg was never ever used in Biryani. Hence, be prepared to have Biryani here without them. Interestingly the biriyani here doesn’t have the hallmark of Kolkata biriyani the potato. Don’t even ask for it when you are here. 

The other items that are hot selling on the menu are Mutton or Chicken chaap with parotta, Mutton sheikh kebab. 

Timings- 11:30am–11:30pm
Address - 147, Rabindra Sarani, Bortola, Barabazar Market, 700073
Cost for two- Rs 500


From Mutton & Chicken Biryani, Aminia Special Mutton Curry, Aminia Special Mutton Rezala, Chicken Chaap and Shahi Firni this place has it all. Opened in 1929 in Kolkata, Aminia is known for selling the famous Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow. Aminia sees a legacy of 90 years, has been profoundly emphasizing on its taste and aromatic chemistry of the spices that blend in perfectly. The hot picks other than the mutton biriyani are Chicken Kati Roll, Mutton Pasinda Kebab, Aminia Special Mutton Curry and Chicken Razela

Time- 11:30am–11:30pm
Address- 94 Bidhan Sarani Sovabazar, Hati Bagan, Shyam Bazar, 700004
Cost for two- Rs 700

Oudh 1590

The one that boasts the period dining experience. Stellar decors of Oudh 1590 emanate exotic sense of culinary firmament. Oudh 1590 near Deshapriya Park was the first restaurant from the group, which provided a unique and one-of-its-kind period dining experience. Recreating the essence of the old world Lucknow or Awadh, as it was known then, in every corner. The murals, the floor tiles, the chandeliers, the dining table or the bronze plated crockery and cutlery resemble the grandeur of the era. We do serve aromatic flavourful Biryanis, some options like - Awadhi Gosht Handi Biryani, Moti Biryani, Kolkata Special Mutton Biryani, Oudh Special Raan Biryani will surely leave you spoilt for a choice.

Time - 12–3:30pm, 6:30–10:30pm
Address- 23/B Deshapriya Park W, near Carmel primary school,  700063
Cost for two- Rs 1000++


This Mughlai restaurant at the heart of the city is known for their Chicken Achari Kabab, Mutton Arsalan Masala and more. The food here sees the influence of Mughals. Amongst all of these and more the biriyani is showstopper. The quantity and quality of Biryani both are awesome and it’s plain delight to dig into a plate of this. All the flavors mingle in rice and pieces of mutton in this plate here. 

Time- 11:30am–11:30pm
Address- Mariana Garden Court, 191, Park Street (Park Circus, 7 Point Crossing) 700017
Cost for two- Rs 700

Shiraz – Golden Restaurant

When you think Biriyani, Shiraz is an icon. Running over seven decades this place will never disappoint you. They have embellished the “Dum Pukht” style of cooking with aromatic ingredients and dried fruits. , Shiraz Park Street and Mullickbazaar remains the most popular meeting and eating rendezvous. Apart from the Biryani the menu sees Boti Kebab, Gosht Tikka Kebab,Gosht Malai Kebab, Seekh Kebab and yes you ask for extra boti or aloo in your biriyani too. 

Time- 11:30am–11:30pm
Address- 56, Park St, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, 700017
Cost for two- Rs 700