Your Guide To The Best Places For Thali In Delhi
Image Credit: Instagram/thepotbellybiharikitchen

The satisfaction that comes with eating a range of dishes and condiments served on one plate is unparalleled. With the regional variety in cuisines that Delhi has to offer, it’s no surprise that restaurants serving thalis from different states in India have become household names. From Sikkimese to Andhra-style food, the city has a place for every kind of regional spread. We recommend five of our favourite spots for thali in Delhi:

Andhra Bhavan

The canteen at Delhi’s Andhra Bhavan has become a culinary institution over the years. People visit mainly for the thali that comes with unlimited servings of dal, veggies, spicy curries that may include chicken, mutton or prawns, rice or roti and papad. The breakfast thali has idli and vada, and on Sundays, the place serves biryani for lunch. Go for a tasty, filling meal that doesn’t cost the earth.


A dedicated thali restaurant, Rajdhani has been known for its Rajasthani thali for a long time. The restaurant’s thalis are vegetarian and include a range of traditional dishes like dal, baati and churma, gatte ki sabzi, kadhi, dal, puran poli, and regular roti and rice. Seasonal favourites like aamras and aam panna also make an appearance. The food is served with love and generosity.


tAnother vegetarian restaurant, Suruchi in Karol Bagh specialises in Gujarati thali. Although the place offers Rajasthani and Punjabi thalis too, the Gujarati version is the best one. It includes dal, vegetables, kadhi, khichdi, puran poli, farsan, roti, rice and salad. On weekdays, the Gujarati thali is priced at ₹576, and at ₹605 on weekends and holidays. 


A dependable spot for Sikkimese food, Nimtho in Greater Kailash-I may be known for its momos but serves an incredible thali too. The thali comes with a choice of vegetarian, chicken, mutton, pork or fish curry, which is served with dal, vegetables that have a lingering taste of ghee, pickles, salad, papad and rice. Besides the thali, the churpi ko raas, which is a soup made with Himalayan cheese, is a must try. 

The Potbelly 

The Potbelly has outlets in Shahpur Jat, Bihar Nivas and Gurgaon, all of which are consistent when it comes to serving quality Bihari food. The restaurant’s platters are wholesome and include Bhojpuri thali (vegetable stew served with pooris, chutney and raita) and Madhubani thali (aloo and channa dal sabzi served with sattu pooris and onion pooris, and aloo pudina raita). Wash the heavy food down with a sattu cooler.