Your Guide To Savour Authentic Pahadi Food In Delhi-NCR
Image Credit: Pixabay, From thupka to jhol momos, sadeko and datchi, you'll find everything at these places in Delhi.

Each region has its own set of specialties and flavours. You pick any state in the southern parts of the country and you’ll find that the Tamilians eat quite differently from the Kannadigas and the Keralites. Similarly, north India is also home to a diverse range of palates. Given the topography and geographical conditions, it is conducive to grow certain vegetation on a particular soil. The climatic conditions also play a major role in this regard. We have plains in the north as well as those states adjacent to the peaks of Himalayas. These are naturally cooler and have a completely different style of cooking and eating. 

Summers are almost here and it won’t be long before we start procrastinating going out in the sun. To escape the deadly heat and the busy schedule, our mind would often wander off into the hills and we would imagine ourselves soaking in the cool breeze while sipping tea on a mountain top with a bowl of maggi. Now let’s face it, that’s all imagination. It is possible that you plan doesn’t work out but who says you need to miss out on all that pahadi food? You can gorge on the delicious thupkas and momos right in your natural habitat. 

Here are some of the best places in Delhi that offer authentic pahadi food. How many have you tried yet? 

1.  AMA Thakali, Majnu Ka Tilla 

Housed inside the high-spirited and full of life Tibetan colony, Majnu Ka Tilla or MKT as they call it is the hub of all these interesting delicacies from the hills. AMA Café is quite popular in the area among youngsters but this one is different. It is a purely pahadi food restaurant, serving a range of delectable dishes like Sadeko, Jhol momos and more from the Tibetan and Chinese fare. 

2.  Café Lungta, Gurugram

Located in the NCR region, Café Lungta is a cozy affair. The place is dimly-lit with minimally done interiors and wooden décor. However, don’t go by the looks because you’ll leave satiated to the brim with their Tibetan and Nepalese items like Chicken Shyapta, Tingmo and momos of course. 

Source: Cafe Lungta/Instagram 

3.  Pema’s, Safdarjung 

Looking for a pocket-friendly joint to enjoy pahadi food? This place has to be the one then. Very basic and simple in its approach and interiors, Pema’s offers a wide variety of Asian and Naga dishes. You’ll spot your favourite chilli garlic noodles and chilli chicken too but we suggest to head to the latter half of the menu to try their Taipos, thupka, datchi and other authentic delights. 

4.  Wangchuk’s Ladakhi And Tibetan Kitchen, Gurugram

The beautiful roads leading to Ladakh are a sight for sore eyes. While we do recommend taking a road trip along the Pangong lake, till then, head to Wangchuk’s kitchen for the true flavours of Ladakh. From pork shapta to kothe momos, the treats will leave you spoilt for choice. 

Source: Ladakhi Kitchen By Wangchuk/Instagram 

5.  Yeti- The Himalayan Kitchen, Connaught Place 

The buzzing hub of Delhi, Connaught Place is home to this Himalayan kitchen amidst a plethora of vibrant cafes and restaurants. Located inside the Colonade, you’ll find the Tibetan flags hanging from the ceiling, transporting you to the hills instantly. Try their Sha Datchi and thakali thali and just be careful, because the heat might hit you hard. 

Source: Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen/Instagram