Your Guide To Delhi’s Oldest Restaurants
Image Credit: Kwality, one of Delhi's most iconic restaurants.

Along with its rich history, Delhi also has a vibrant, thriving food scene. Besides modern restaurants that have been around for only a few years, Delhi is home to some restaurants that have stood the test of time. The dishes that these restaurants serve symbolise age-old culinary traditions and food habits, from kebabs and kormas to iconic butter chicken. We list four of Delhi’s oldest restaurants: 

Kake Da Hotel

Specialising in Mughlai cuisine, Kake Da Hotel has been serving the Delhi crowd since 1931. In its early days, Kake Da Hotel was like a shack with a few benches outside, and the food was served on the pavement. It slowly developed into a restaurant-like space, with its signature red signboard. The butter chicken here is the most popular dish, followed by the dal makhani. Dishes like brain curry, dhai meat, keema matar and keema kaleji are also on offer. The place often sees long queues that can be identified from a distance if you’re passing through Connaught Place.