Your Classic Butter Chicken Gets A Keto Makeover In This Yummy Recipe

Mention Butter Chicken in Delhi and you will find at least 60 people around who would recommend you ‘the best place’ to have it. And you may not know them from Adam, but that’s okay, the popularity of the dish is such that it has transcended all social and geographical boundaries.  

What started out as Kundan Lal’s humble attempt to save his leftover tandoori chicken in his Daryaganj restaurant ‘Moti Mahal’, has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Juicy pieces of chicken   tossed in a luscious tomato and cream-based gravy; every element of Butter Chicken has indulgence written all over it. This is where the problem arises for those on a diet. If you have grown up eating butter chicken for every celebratory occasion, you cannot just give up on it overnight. You can, however, tweak it a bit to suit your dietary demands. Intrigued, much?  


This keto butter chicken recipe is a fine example of how you can eat flavourful food even while dieting. For the unversed, in the ketogenic diet, one is supposed to limit their carbohydrate intake. In absence of adequate carbs, the body starts burning fats for energy, this mechanism is known as ketosis. The Ketogenic diet has emerged to be one of the most popular diets across the globe with many celebrities like LeBron James and Huma Qureshi among others vouching for its health benefits.  

Having said that, since it is a tough diet to follow, it is always advisable that you consult an experienced nutritionist before hopping on to the keto bandwagon.  

About Keto Butter Chicken Recipe: 

This fabulous chicken curry is made with lean pieces of chicken that are super high in protein. In place of curd or heavy cream, Greek yogurt is used to keep the carb quotient in control. Coconut oil and ghee are the two healthy fats used to make curry not just irresistible but diet-friendly as well. 

Here’s the recipe of keto butter chicken curry that you've been waiting for.