You Won't Believe What This Little Girl Got Made On Her Birthday Cake!
Image Credit: Photo: Edmund Kingsley
Did you hear about the execution of a young queen named Ann Boleyn? She was 35 years old at the time she was charged with accusations of high treason and was executed by decapitation on 19 May 1536. Her marriage with her spouse, Henry VIII, King of England, in which she was found to have cheated, caused dire circumstances.
Now, the story is making rounds on social media again. But you wouldn’t expect that the kids should be reading about it, right? Let’s dig further. Clearly, the story does not narrate a scene from Barbie World. The queen did not have a fairytale ending, and so parents wouldn’t think that this is a subject that could be fit to be discussed with a child. However, you will be shocked when you hear what Edmund Kingsley and his wife, Anna Morrissey’s daughter, the little six-year-old girl, got for her birthday! A birthday cake depicting the scene of execution. The parents posted the photo of the cake, stating that the request came from their daughter. 

The parents shared that the child had watched Horrible Stories on BBC, a show which aims to educate kids about incredibly accurate facts from the past, often highlighting various gruesome and dark aspects of our history that are not usually covered in history textbooks. The anecdotes are told in humorous ways to pique children’s curiosity in a positive manner. Among them, there are many foul facts that centre around the Tudors’ rule, and why they behaved in nasty ways. Many parents support the concept that children should know about the violence in the past and that adults should enjoy teaching kids in a tone more suitable for their understanding. Edmund and Anna count among those parents too. 

The girl, whose name has not been mentioned on the Internet, has a love of stories like all children. Perhaps the wish of seeing that particular incident in fondant can be explained by the fact that she developed an interest in The Tudors after visiting Hampton Court during winter holidays as it was Henry VIII’s residence. Further on, credit also goes to the show that inspired a love of horror stories!

The photo amused many people, but many also thought the parents were insightful to have fulfiled the daughter's wish. They were called parents of the year.