Xbox Announces Edible Controller & Chocolate Console

Promotion is the backbone of the success of any product in the market, and companies go to an extreme level to come up with the best ideas. Be it advertising or distributing samples, you can find a lot of creativity here. Recently, there was an announcement made by Xbox that it had taken over the Internet. 

This gaming company is launching a new version of one of its most popular gaming peripherals and this time it will be produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures. The collaboration is done for the forthcoming movie Wonka, and this special Xbox console is crafted from chocolates, which you can eat instead of playing with. The movie will be released in theatres next month.

The controller features a custom-made burgundy-coloured design that is inspired by Wonka’s classic coat from the upcoming film. It also comes with five add-on chocolate truffles that have been specially crafted to enhance the Xbox gaming experience, besides ‘Wonka-inspired’ touches that have ‘achievement hunting', which includes some energy-boosting ingredients, “button smasher” buzzes with espresso, and “Wonka for the Win” is 100% pure chocolate. 

Apart from the delicious chocolate prizes, the gaming company has also made a movie-inspired Xbox Series X for the winners, which is not edible, unlike the controller. Those interested in winning this chocolate console can enter the sweepstakes by following Xbox on X (formerly Twitter). All the details are available there. The giveaway has been on since November 13 and will continue until December 14. Here is the official post from Xbox. Take a look: 

The post has reached 2.2 million views, 22.8k reposts, and 22.6k likes till now. Many gaming enthusiasts are excited about winning this unique prize. Several users have participated in the game with the hope of winning the edible controller. Would you be interested in owning a chocolate console? Do let us know.