X Post On 'Pyramid Of A Sunday Breakfast’ Goes Viral

A Sunday breakfast is all about indulgences, but across the country, a Sunday breakfast may look vastly different. Delhi foodies may favour some dahi bhalle or aloo paratha while Kolkata may be partial to luchi and cholar dal. You may even consider something more exotic for a Sunday morning, be it some cheesy garlic bread or pancakes or a classic English breakfast. An X user recently shared the pyramid for a Sunday breakfast and foodies on the Internet were quick to point out that the pyramid was missing some major names!

The base of the pyramid features a beloved combination of idli and chutney, which is a big hit on Sundays especially with children. It's not just nutritious but particularly popular during summers since idlis are light and easily digestible and the cool chutney can be quite refreshing to the tastebuds. The pyramid’s next level introduces dosa, a crispy crepe made from fermented rice and lentil batter and the next portion of the pyramid had a combination of idli, vada, and sambar which is a hearty pairing.

Other X users couldn’t help but chime in with their go-to Sunday favourites most of which are vegetarian. “Poha tari goes over the pyramid,” wrote a user. Tari is a spicy gravy which is served alongside a bowl of steaming poha. “Podi idli and Mysore dosa tops every charts,” commented another user.

However, a few netizens talked about the Sunday favourites that were missing from the pyramid. “Where’s chhole bhature?” asked one foodie. “All of them are carbslop. The only good breakfast is the one consisting of milk, eggs and dry fruits,” wrote a foodie. “Top of the pyramid is my fave. That or a full English. Can’t beat those two for breakfast,” wrote another.