'Would It Be Rude To Ask Restaurant Chefs To Share Their Recipes?' Reddit Thread Sparks Debate
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

What a lot of people have often discussed but have still remained a mystery to date is how restaurant food always tastes more delicious than homemade food. There's something so unmissable about restaurant food, don’t we agree? Be it that local pizza joint or the North Indian restaurant near our home, each dish tastes absolutely delicious. And no matter if we have the best of chefs in our home to recreate the same dish at home, it almost never turns out to be the same. So the question remains, what is it that makes restaurant food so delicious and never the same at home? A secret ingredient that chefs use? A technique we don’t know of? Or is the whole recipe different? Well, Reddit users took to the platform to debate and discuss this, and whether asking restaurant chefs to share their recipes is acceptable or not. 

Started by the user u/BearsChief in the subreddit r/Cooking, the user called it an open discussion, and explained his problem, asking fellow Redditors for advice. He said that he was not able to master Indian cuisine. "I can literally make better-than-restaurant quality food in almost any other culinary discipline, but Indian eludes me," he wrote.