Blueberry Grown In Australia, Breaks Guinness Record
Image Credit: Guinness World Records

A blueberry grown in Australia has been recognised as the heaviest in the world by Guinness World Records. Weighing around 20 grams (0.71 oz), the golf-ball-sized fruit is said to be almost 70 times heavier and 10 times larger in size than a commonly found wild blueberry. As per the Guinness World Records, it was awarded this title after confirming its size and weight. 

“Heaviest blueberry 20.40 g (0.71 oz) grown by Brad Hocking, Jessica Scalzo, and Marie-France Courtois. The team grew the blueberry variety Eterna, which produces exceptionally large and firm fruit. The record-breaking blueberry was picked on the morning of November 13th, 2023, at Costa Farm in New South Wales, Australia,” Guinness World Records said sharing the video on their Instagram page.   

According to the official website, a senior horticulturist named Brad Hocking was the first one to notice that the size of this blueberry grown was 'tracking really well'. Its unique features were identified only a few days ahead of the harvest. The moment it was picked up, Brad and his team at Costa realised that this particular berry had 'something really special' in itself. The heaviest blueberry took around one year to grow.  

He further said that, "While the fruit is large, there's absolutely no compromise on quality or flavour as would be expected when developing a premium variety blueberry." The previous record for the heaviest blueberry was secured by a 16.20-gram berry which was also cultivated in Western Australia in 2020 by Hocking himself, along with Jessica Scalzo and Marie-France Courtois at Costa’s berry farm in Corindi, New South Wales. 

With its subtle sweetness and a soft touch acidity, blueberries are an amazing addition to pies, tarts, yoghurt parfaits, salads, sauces, jams, jellies and smoothies. Coming to its nutritional profile, they are a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and can be easily added to daily diet. 

Blueberry Muffins  

Healthy and tasty, blueberry muffins are a timeless breakfast and snack for all seasons. Bursting with juicy blueberries, they are soft, buttery and moist. Each bite of this sweet treat gives a mouth-melting experience, and you can also elevate its taste with a delightful crunch from a streusel topping. For an extra kick of warm flavour, add ground cinnamon to the recipe. For a healthier version, use whole-wheat flour or substitute some of the sugar with mashed banana for natural sweetness. 

Blueberry Pancakes  

Light and fluffy American-style pancakes become even more delicious with the addition of fresh or frozen blueberries. These delights can be easily whipped up in minutes, making them a perfect pick for a quick and delicious weekend breakfast. It is best served with maple syrup, but you can also enjoy it with a blueberry compote for an extra dose of berry flavour. 

Blueberry Salad  

If you are bored of your regular salads consisting of the same usual fruits, infuse a punch of purple berries to add a burst of sweetness to your salad. While a tangy vinaigrette perfectly complements the flavours, this salad is an ideal side dish for a light brunch or lunch option. Made along with watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries, it is very popular during summer. You can also combine blueberries with vegetable salads consisting of spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.