World Record: Social Media Chef Duo Creates ‘Largest Sushi Roll’
Image Credit: Unsplash

A TikTok chef duo, Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis, has assembled a sushi roll that was 7 feet, 1 inch long while breaking several records in the process. The two mates travelled to Boston to create a massive roll that would weigh the same as almost 45,000 regular-sized sushi rolls combined. A big sushi mould, 2,000 pounds of sushi rice, 500 pounds of sushi-grade salmon, 500 pounds of cucumbers, and a lot of nori sheets and sesame seeds were purportedly used by the duo. It took them and six other individuals for about three hours to make their world-record-breaking sushi roll, which was 7 feet and 1 inch across. Chile’s Daniel Ramirez held the previous world record with a width of 2.10 metres (about 6.89 feet).

To make the largest sushi roll, the team enlisted the assistance of a junior engineering student at Northeastern University to design an interior mould that would temporarily contain the filling components, as well as an exterior support structure that would hold the sushi roll together. One of the most difficult problems, according to Nick, was removing the mould from the centre while keeping the salmon and cucumber in place. 

The entire crew then succeeded in removing the mould while keeping the ingredients intact. The crew followed by placing sushi rice around the mould’s edges to help seal in the components and give the roll a beautiful foundation. The rice was then sprinkled with oil and vinegar to improve the flavour and fluff it up a little. More cucumbers were added as a garnish before Andrew Glass, an official Guinness World Records judge, reached his conclusion. In the process, the team set a new record for the fastest time to fillet a 10-pound fish, doing so in 1 minute and 0.29 seconds, beating out legendary chef Gordon Ramsay.

Nick and Lynn presented their sushi roll to members of The Farmlink Project, a nonprofit group that distributes fresh produce to underprivileged regions. The entire sushi roll was then presented as a donation to a Boston homeless shelter. None of this food will go to waste, according to Nick, providing his record-breaking creation to a good cause.