World Milk Day 2023: 10 Major Dairy Companies In India
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As one of the largest consumers of dairy products worldwide, it comes as no surprise that India is one of the leading milk producers globally. Between the number of options, price points, access and quality, various leading producers and distributors of milk target different states and regions. Here are some of the leading milk companies that have a stronghold over a majority of the daily milk consumption, across India.


The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.’s (GCMMF) company, Amul produces approximately 26.3 million litres of milk a day. Along with other product categories like butter, cheese, chocolate, yoghurt, ghee and beverages, Amul India has consistently been the contender for the top spot, as the leading milk brand in India. According to the information on their official website, the organization 18,600 village milk cooperatives and 3.64 million milk producers across 33 districts in Gujarat.


Milma, the brand under Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation was incorporated by the state government of Kerala in the 1980s. As a brand that passes 83% of its total revenue to farmers, Milma holds the unique status of giving its farmers the highest rate for milk, per litre. Headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, Milma also offers a wide range of milk products like flavoured milk, ghee and cream.


Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation’s Nandini, is touted to be one of the top dairy companies in India. With a production of 7.8 million litres of milk per day as of 2022, the brand offers a range of milk products like pedha, paneer and yoghurt, along with milk. With their supply chain relying entirely on farmers, Nandini is known for distributing high-quality products and having access to even the remotest areas.

Mother Dairy

A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board, Mother Dairy has an average processing capacity of 5 million litres of milk, per day. Available in around 100 cities across the country, the milk and milk products are marketed across large metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Founded in Delhi, the company also offers many products like ice cream, ghee, paneer and butter under its umbrella.


Founded in 1963, the products made in this organization are often spotted in the retail set up under the names Amul/Sagar/Dudhsagar. With a production capacity of 4.5 million litres of milk each day, the company also offers an extensive range of paneer, shrikhand, Mast Dahi, milk powder, dairy whitener and even infant milk powder.

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As one of the most trusted milk brands in the state of Tamil Nadu, Aavin relies heavily on the franchise model of business to distribute its milk and milk products. Along with milk, Aavin is also popular for its trademark palkova (condensed milk sweet), soft drinks and ice cream. Launched in 1958, the Tamil Nadu Co-Operative Milk Producers federation under whose trademark the brand operates, aimed to reap the benefits from the second White Revolution in India.

Parag Milk Foods

Holding the title of the second largest producer of cheese in India under their brand ‘Go’ and ghee under the sister brand ‘Gowardhan’, Parag Milk Foods started off in 1992 as producers of whey protein. They were also the largest exporters of milk powder from India but shifted focus when the country began to face a shortage of milk, to producing cheese in 2008. The company also owns Pride Of Cows and Topp Up, while also producing a wide range of milk products like yoghurt, buttermilk and lassi under their brand, Go.

Schreiber Dynamix

Founded by K.N. Goenka in 1992, Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Ltd. Is one of the top ten dairy companies in India that also produces milk powder, butter, cheese as well as agro-based products like baby food and animal feed. Due to their policy of working directly with farmers, the company prides itself in offering the freshest, best quality products to its customers. Known for its ultra-high temperature packaged milk, cream and butter that is delivered on the same day, freshness is known to be their USP.

Jersey Dairy

One of the leading milk producers and distributors in southern India, Jersey Dairy – under Creamline Dairy Products Ltd. – is famously known to have strong infrastructural capacity. Along with a state-of-art milk powder plant in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, Jersey Dairy also owns 34 milk chilling centres, 84 bulk cooling units, and eight associate milk chilling centres, to name a few. This privately-owned dairy organization operates in Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and interestingly in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Country Delight

Founded in 2011, Country Delight started off with supplying fresh milk in Delhi. What started off with 100 cattle, the company is famously known to supply fresh, unadulterated milk at your doorstep. It has also now evolved into one of India’s direct-to-customer (D2C) companies which also supplies other fresh products like coconut water, fruits and vegetables. The organization also works with farmers to ensure that the products do not pass through middle men, in order to reach their customers, making sure that quality control is on top priority.