World Cocktail Day: How About Some Mystery Mary, Turmeric Tonic Or Get Lucky or The Mandavli
Image Credit: Turmeric Tonic/ Pic- Rahasya Vodka

The shaken and stirring game has changed over the years. Cocktails are have always been endlessly adaptable, and can be made order in any flavor profile, and can even be adapted into outrageously flavorful. Packed with layer of complexities in a glass, cocktails are indispensable part of the bar. And one of the most versatile spirit for a cocktail happens to be Vodka. This one can be twisted to several concoctions, a it surely stands out. This spirit that comes from the fermentation of potatoes or cereal grains, Vodka happens to be a bartender best’s friend. The vodkas get their premium status from the aroma and it leaves an ideal warmth that is pleasing when relished at ease. While the flavoured vodka’s get’s their infusion from additional citrus or vanilla notes that the brand chooses to work on. 

Akshay Mungekar, Mixologist at Rahasya Vodka says “The inspiration behind the cocktails is Rahasya itself..."Curiosity is the mother of all invention so always ask yourself 'what if??" Is something i follow. The flavours are so different from any other spirits that it opens up possibilities and challenge to create something new and give a whole new experience to the consumer.

Mystery Mary

Ingredients -

    Rahasya Vodka    60 ML

    Fresh Tomato Juice    90 ML

    Lime Juice     15 ML

    Sugar Syrup    15 ML

    Tabasco     4 Dashes

    Celery Salt Rim    1 GM

Get Lucky/ Pic- Rahasya Vodka


Procedure -

    In a highball glass add ice

    Pour the ingredients 

    Top up with tonic water 

    Garnish with rosemary and strawberry

    Strawberry Rosemary shrub -

    In a bowl add chopped rosemary

    Mix strawberries with 500 gm sugar 

    Let marinate overnight till sugar is dissolved

    Add 200 ml or as required Red wine vinegar (set aside for 2 hours)

    Strain and store in a jar or bottle