World Chocolate Day: 5 Foods To Dip Into Chocolate Syrup

World Chocolate Day is approaching fast, and isn't it such an amazing thing to have an entire day dedicated to celebrating chocolate? From candy bars to frosting to chocolate bars to eclairs, chocolate is literally everywhere. Be it a chunk of dark chocolate or a syrupy dipping sauce, in all its forms, chocolate is just heavenly goodness.

On days of great joy and extreme sadness, chocolate syrup comes to the rescue. There are so many sweet treats that can just be lathered in chocolate to forget all qualms and revel in the satisfying goodness of chocolate syrup. In fact, pouring out generous helpings of chocolate sauce on muesli or dry fruits is the best way to eat up these healthy snacks. It is important to choose a good-quality chocolate syrup that has a generous amount of cacao and lesser quantities of sweeteners and preserves to enjoy chocolate at its purest. Read on below for foods that can be drowned in chocolate syrup:


Chocolate pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes are easy breakfast options for a leisurely weekend. But there is something oddly satisfying about pouring chocolate syrup onto a regular pancake along with butter and maple syrup. The sweetness of chocolate nicely complements the sweet and salty notes of the pancake and butter. For a chocolate overload, chocolate pancakes can also be lathered in chocolate syrup.

Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are a classic crisp, ideal for dipping into chocolate syrup. The saltiness of crackers actually blends really well with dark melted chocolate, too. Graham crackers can also be used to stuff marshmallows in and then dipped into chocolate for a sugar overload.


These salted knotty delights are great to munch on by themselves but dipped in chocolate, they actually have the potential to become a cool dessert option. Lather pretzels in chocolate syrup or just hold them under a chocolate fountain for maximum taste and goodness.


This choux pasty is basically strips of dough deep-fried into sugary bliss. Drizzled with cinnamon powder, churros are chewy munchies that can be dipped into a wonderfully milky chocolate sauce. Churros are best eaten warm and fresh from the fryer so that the chocolate dip nicely complements their chewy, fried texture.


Take any chunky cookie or a simple biscuit and dip it in chocolate. It will taste good. Biscuits and chocolate syrup are a favourite snack among kids and adults alike. This is also a great option to binge on with a warm cup of bitter Americano to add just a hint of sweetness to afternoon coffee time.

Crispy Bacon

This coming together of sweet and savoury is, surprisingly, a very delicious pairing. The smoky flavour of crispy bacon fried in lard or butter goes very well with the sweetness of chocolate syrup. Sprinkle some flaked sea salt on the fried bacon and literally lather it in melted chocolate in defiance of all things healthy!

Mini Muffins

Making mini muffins is a fun process in itself, but imagine having a big bowl of melted chocolate on the table. As warm muffins are brought out of the oven and placed on the cooling rack, the mere thought of dipping them in chocolate is enough to get one salivating. Mini muffins are the cutest treats to dip into good-quality melted chocolate of many varieties. A classic Victoria sponge drizzled with a good amount of chocolate also promises divine pleasures.

Figs And Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are a romantic treat, a quintessential pairing that is as seductive as it is tasty. But there are other fresh fruits like figs and oranges which pair really well with chocolate. Cut the figs in half, dip them in melted chocolate, and place them on a baking tray before freezing. Use different kinds of melted chocolate to make a variety of chocolate-covered figs. This is also a good snack for those looking to consume fewer calories.


A favourite among kids, s'mores are rather sweet on their own. Dipping them in a bowl of melted dark chocolate adjusts the sweetness to give this camping snack a good balance of flavour. S'mores can also be made at home on the stove, but be careful not to take the marshmallows too close to the burner. Stuff in salted crackers for a sweet, indulgent sandwich.


Waffles loaded with a sprinkling of dusting sugar, cinnamon, and, of course, chocolate syrup are great options for breakfast and dessert. Use chocolate sauce or slightly thicker syrup to pour onto warm waffles for a delicious chocolatey treat.


Chocolate-covered almonds are a good snack to munch on, especially for those who want to up their calories! Almonds have all the goodness of antioxidants and essential fats, and when covered in chocolate and sprinkled with some sea salt, they acquire a thick sweet and salty layer. Pack a few up in a tiny tiffin box to binge on at work.