World Chocolate Day 2024: Best Indian Homegrown Chocolate Brands
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As World Chocolate Day approaches on 7th July, it’s time to celebrate the lesser-known homegrown chocolate brands in India. These artisanal treasures bring a unique blend of tradition, taste, and a dollop of creativity. The homegrown chocolate brands are crafting delightful flavours that honour local ingredients, and this very significant part sets them apart from mass-produced confections.

Indian homegrown chocolate brands are redefining the chocolate experience with exquisite craftsmanship and quality dedication. These brands infuse each bite with the essence of India, using locally sourced cocoa and traditional techniques to create chocolates. 

India's homegrown chocolate brands indicate a shift towards ethical, sustainable treats. These brands appeal to conscious consumers with fair trade and eco-friendly packaging. From Manam Chocolate to SMOOR, this World Chocolate Day, indulge in these delightful creations and savour the sweet success of the local chocolatiers.

Image Credit: Manam Chocolate

Manam Chocolate

Launched on August 15, 2023, the CEO of Manam Chocolate, Chaitanya Muppala, chose this date to honour India's Independence Day and the hardworking cacao farmers at its core. Manam Chocolate's 250+ unique products in 50 categories set it apart. The brand goes beyond bean-to-bar to show Indian cacao's versatility. They make familiar and experimental flavours for gifting and self-enjoying.

The Manam Signature Tablet Collection includes Single Farm, Single Origin India, Creative Fermentation, Single Origin International, Signature Infusions, Blends, Alternative, and Inclusions. This collection honours cacao origins and experiments with native ingredients like mango ginger and Pedda Rasalu Mango, offering bold flavours and innovative fusions like Lemon & White Chocolate and Fig & Dark Milk Chocolate, as well as jaggery and oat milk. Click here to buy.

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At the 2019 Amsterdam Chocoa Fine Chocolate Exhibition, Kocoatrait debuted. India's first certified chocolate tasters, L Nitin and Poonam Chordia, created Kocoatrait. Kocoatrait, a zero-waste and minimalist lifestyle brand, is known for its sustainable cocoa farming and packaging. Kocoatrait's chocolates are set apart by their sustainable production and use of Indian ingredients. The brand offers a diverse range of chocolates, including Sarkarai Pongal Milk Chocolate, Filter Coffee (Kaapi), Red Rose Dark Chocolate, Masala Chai Dark Chocolate, Jaggery Dark Chocolate and so on. The Madras Collection, the Climate Stripes, and the LGBTQIA+ Colours are some of the notable collections that reflect Kocoatrait's innovative spirit. Visit their website to buy.

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Entisi, an Indian chocolate brand, was established by Nikki Thakker in 2017. Her passion for chocolates stems from the joy they bring, lighting up faces with each delicious bite.” Entisi chocolates are known for their quality and premium ingredients. Their products include classic and gourmet chocolate bars, bite-sized chocolates, handcrafted bonbons, and creamy gianduja. Indian flavours and ingredients are carefully used to create each item, making it unique and delicious. Entisi makes melt-in-mouth cubes, dragees in various flavours, and French Opera Chocolate Matchsticks. Specialties include 75% Dark Single Origin Melt-in-mouth Cubes, Salted Pistachio Dragees, Almond Rocher Bark, and Peppermint Macarons from Entisi. Visit here to buy.

Image Credit: SMOOR


The next on the list is SMOOR, a premium homegrown chocolate brand known for its luxurious and handcrafted products. SMOOR, under Bliss Chocolates India Pvt Ltd, was founded in 2008 by Vimal Sharma. They specialise in Couverture chocolates made from high-quality cocoa butter and provide a superior texture and taste. SMOOR offers a range of special products, including meticulously crafted pralines, crisp chocolate barks topped with nuts and dried fruits, chocolate-coated dragees, and bars in various flavours. The gluten-free Intense 70% Cake, made with 70% dark chocolate and almond flour, is a standout indulgence. Click here to purchase.

Image Credit: Mason & Co

Mason & Co

It is widely acknowledged that Mason & Co., headquartered in Auroville, was India's first independent bean-to-bar chocolate brand. Jane and Fabien, a husband and wife team, founded the company. Their chocolates are free of soy, gluten, and dairy, and they are made with cocoa that is sourced in an organic manner. Not only do they offer Dark, Bittersweet, and Semi-Sweet flavours, but they also offer Sourdough Sea Salt, Peppermint, Zesty Orange, and a variety of other flavours. The packaging that they use is neat and fashionable. Click here to purchase. 

Image Credit: Naviluna


Another company that makes chocolate from beans to bars, Naviluna, also uses only Indian cacao beans in their production process. Naviluna's chocolate, which was formerly known as Earth Loaf, is produced by hand in Mysore. It is available in bars that have a single origin, as well as inclusion bars that are blended with flavours that are specific to the Indian palate. Chocolate bars with mango, red pepper, and chilli, Kerala Single Estate, walnut and spice, Himalayan fruit and nut, and a great deal of other options are all something to think about. Additionally, their packaging is noteworthy. Visit their website for purchase.

Image Credit: Soklet


For the purpose of its tree-to-bar chocolate brand, Soklet cultivates its own cacao plantations and then transforms those plantations into delectable chocolate that is consumed immediately. Dedicated to using only one source, their flavours range from 80% milk chocolate with no added sugar and 100% dark chocolate to more unusual options such as Bhut Jolokia Chilli, Filter Kaapi, Candied Ginger and Spiced bar. They are committed to using only one source. They also sell drinking chocolate, cacao nibs, and upscale baking bars in addition to their other products. Click here to purchase.

Image Credit: Paul & Mike

Paul & Mike

The Paul & Mike brand of chocolate is a farm-to-bar chocolate company that sells bars that are made with natural ingredients such as cocoa beans, fruits, nuts, and spices. Milk Sitaphal Chocolate, Caramelised Sesame Chocolate, and Amazonian Pink Pepper are some of the flavours that are available. Their goods are exquisitely crafted and presented in packaging that is adorned with vibrant colours. The company offers a variety of chocolates, including 87% dark chocolate and 41% fine milk chocolate. Click or tap here to purchase.

Image Credit: Chockriti


Chockriti is an artisanal chocolate company that was established by Pragati Sawhney, a former dentist who later became a chocolatier. The company sells cacao that is organic and sourced in a sustainable manner from Belgium and South India. The bars and bonbons that they produce are made with a combination of the finest Indian and international flavours, and they do not include any sugar, butter, oil, or preservatives in their production process. There is a wide selection of flavours available for you to choose from, such as Rooh Afza, Kaaju Kulfi, Sencha Green Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Goat Cheese, African Rooibos Tea, Zataar, and Kaffir Lime. What is the most important feature? They are delivered in beautiful packaging and have been approved by the dentist. Want to purchase? Click here.

Indian chocolate brands deserve a celebration as World Chocolate Day draws near on July 7th. Unlike mass-produced chocolates, these firms combine creativity with tradition and local ingredients. Their commitment to excellence, eco-friendliness, and distinctive tastes revolutionise chocolate, making them an ideal treat for this joyous occasion.