Know About These Drinking Chocolate Traditions Around The World?
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Hot chocolate as a beverage is associated with many pleasant memories for most of us – whether it is cosying up when the weather is cold or enjoying a steaming cup of cocoa with friends, we’ve all been known to enjoy a lusciously thick and creamy hot chocolate from time to time. However, when you come to think of it, tracing the origins of where the drinking chocolate culture stems from, multiple cultures from around the world have added their own touch to elevate the experience, and give us the innumerable varieties of hot chocolate that we enjoy in the contemporary age. Let’s look at some interesting traditions that involve drinking hot chocolate, from around the world. 


Cultivating cocoa pods is a strenuous process, and although it is believed that the Olmecs of Mexico were the first to discover the uses of cocoa beans, the Mayan civilization was the first to document the tradition of drinking chocolate – considered to be sacred and holy in their culture. It is believed that apart from using it in ceremonies and celebrations, the Mayans are known to include a chocolate component as part of every meal.


If you love a dash of cinnamon in your cup of hot chocolate, you have the Mexicans to thank. The addition of cinnamon in drinking chocolate was brought about by them since sourcing vanilla was difficult. Incorporated by the Spanish, this spicy twist became an instant hit with people, and later evolved into adding a pinch of chilli powder for a spicy kick. However, the simple mixture of milk, sugar and cinnamon with chocolate is how they like it best!


An incredible Filipino drink known as ‘Sikwate’ is the version of hot chocolate where, after the beans have been dried and processed, get converted into hand-shaped tablets which are boiled and frothed with a wooden whisk; and typically consumed without any sweetener. The Filipino way of enjoying their hot chocolate involves this arduous process, which produces an output that is rich and deeply flavoured, compared to most other regular hot chocolate beverages.


Every kid’s fantasy growing up was to dip a giant bar of chocolate into their glass of milk and watch it melt slowly. Enter – the ‘el submarino’ – where, a bar of chocolate is placed in a cup with hot milk poured over it and mixed with a spoon, until the bar dissolves completely. The Argentinians prefer their hot chocolate drink to be straightforward and interactive, with the occasional addition of vanilla; and enjoy serving it with a tall spoon to ensure the chocolate is combined evenly.

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The Colombians have one of the most interesting ways of enjoying their chocolaty beverage, where chocolate chunks are added to boiling milk, whisked until frothy and poured into a cup, followed by dunking chunks of cheese, that melt into the warm drink. This salty-sweet hot chocolate – also known as chocolate santafereño, is usually enjoyed in the mornings or afternoons, at leisure. Known to be one of the best ways to enjoy hot chocolate, this drink almost feels like enjoying a grazing board – but in liquid form.


Did you know that the addition of rum to hot chocolate was an idea that came from the Ghanians who enjoy their drink to be thick, flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon, as well as a healthy shot of rum? This West African hot chocolate drink has a fatty, wholesome mouthfeel – thanks to the addition of pure Ghanian chocolate, which has a luxurious texture when melted. As cultivators and exporters of some of the best quality cocoa beans in the world, the rum adds a boozy punch and brightens up regular hot chocolate, like no other.