Fitness Nutrition Specialist Explains Why Your Diet Needs Attention During Pandemic
Image Credit: Your Diet Needs Attention

Working from home in the current trying times has added to the challenges many were already facing. One of them is irregular diet. It’s tempting to eat more when the kitchen and refrigerator are so nearby or if you wander into the kitchen during a conference call. Keeping eating habits in check can be extremely tough when your home is also now your office. Finding comfort in food when times are stressful is the most common thing to do. However, this can cause mayhem on your body, disrupt your weight loss ideas and could also have a significant impact on productivity and immunity. However, with a bit of structuring, you can be all set to overcome this challenge too.

Priti Gupta, ACE Certified Sports & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corporate Wellness Specialist at GALF, outlines a strategy for healthy eating while working from home.

Hydration is the Key

Lack of hydration can lead to headaches and fatigue, which would be counter-productive while WFH. Make it a point to get up, take a short walk within the house, and hydrate regularly. This would also break the monotony of sitting in one place and add to your daily steps. Consider including lemon, cut fruits and veggies, low sugar electrolytes and multivitamins add-ons to give more power to the mighty water.

Resort to Immunity Building Foods

Foods high in processed sugar harm our immune system. For the immune system to function at its best, it is essential to consume a diet rich in lean proteins, vitamins (Vitamin C, D and B12) and minerals (zinc and iron). Therefore, packed meals are best avoided. Instead, do include natural anti-inflammatory and immunity-building ingredients like turmeric and herbs present in every Indian kitchen.

Plan your Meal

This is very important and would help keep calories in check. Foods rich in nutrients (like chickpea and barley flour, boiled eggs, sprouts, veggies, lean meats ) but low on calories should be preferred over junk savouries or meals. Planning meal and snack times are as important as planning daily working calendars when operating from home.

Illness or Injury Rehabilitation

At times, the role of nutrition in recovery from illness or injury is undermined during WFH. However, it's worth noting that, Supplements like collagen, multi-vitamins and Ayurveda rich hydration tabs, along with the naturally nutrient-rich diet, can play a crucial role in a faster and more robust recovery.

The new normal has clearly emphasized the need to focus on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to increase our immunity and equip our body to fight infections. Let’s begin today!