Here Are 7 Health Benefits Of Wood Apple
Image Credit: Wood Apple Health Benefits

Wood apple fruit health benefits: The sacred fruit of wood apple or “Bael” holds particular importance in ancient medicinal systems and Indian mythology. But, do you know that wood apple is good for your health too? Here are 7 unique health benefits of this incredible fruit. 


Bael or wood apple fruit can be very effective against gastric ulcers. This is because Bael contains phenolic compounds with antioxidants that help fight against gastroduodenal ulcers that are caused due to the irregularity in the acidic level in the stomach. 


Another essential benefit of bael comes from its being therapeutic. Thus, the extract from the bael or wood apple leaf can control the cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, add bael to your diet if you are planning to maintain your cholesterol levels. 


This fruit is also beneficial in acute dysentery when there is a definite sensation to defecate. However, it is considered to be even more effective in sub-acute and chronic cases. The use of this fruit helps stool assume a more feculent and solid form. 


Wood apple fruit has been considered suitable for the heart. Bael has been used for centuries in India to prevent heart disorders like heart attacks and strokes. Add wood apple or bael to your daily diet to prevent heart diseases. 


Bael fruit is known to have antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties that are very helpful in treating various infections in the body. So grab on the tasty fruit for its anti-microbial properties. 


The deficiency of vitamin C not only causes scurvy but also affects the blood vessels as well. Bael being rich in vitamin C helps cure scurvy. Therefore, it is essential to add bael to your diet. 


The juice extracted from wood apple or bael leaves can be used after combining it with honey to relieve fever. So add these beneficial and delicious fruits to your diet for health benefits.