Wondering How To Clean Button Mushrooms? Follow These Easy Tips

Finding it difficult to remove all the dirt from mushrooms? These easy tips are here for your rescue.If you are among those who find it difficult to remove the dirt from button mushrooms, read on. We bring some easy tips for your rescue. Everybody loves to eat mushrooms. Be it a creamy soup or risotto or curry, a delectable bowl of a mushroom delicacy can turn your day around in no time. That said, if there’s anything that keeps us from cooking them at home more frequently is the strenuous process of cleaning the mushrooms. 

We often tend to just rinse the mushrooms under running water and use them directly after that. However, this may not be the best way to clean the mushrooms, as there might still be dirt on them. If you too are stuck at the same place, try these tips the next time you are planning to cook mushrooms at home.

1. Rub the mushrooms with a piece of dry paper towel. This will help clean the mushrooms and remove all the dirt particles from them. This method works best when you are using the mushrooms raw as salad toppings. As mushrooms absorb moisture easily, you don’t want to clean them with water and make them soggy.

2. You can also place the mushrooms in a bowl and sprinkle some flour over them to clean them. Cover the container and toss the mushrooms till they are fully coated with flour. The flour-coated mushrooms are easy to peel and can be used immediately.

3. If you are planning to cook the mushrooms immediately, place the wiped-off mushrooms in a bowl of water or clean them under running water to wash off the remaining dirt particles.

We hope these easy and quick tips will help you clean mushrooms in a better way the next time you plan to use them. Let us know how they worked for you.