Woman Mistakes Prices On Restaurant Menu For Calorie Count, Video Goes Viral
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

What has been your most awkward or embarrassing moment while visiting an expensive fine-dine restaurant? I’ll start. Mispronouncing a dish name, ordering a random dish because you might be too ashamed to ask what it is, not knowing what drink to order (especially, when it comes to wines) and the list goes on. However, now, I’m still a lot better but I do know that most of us have been in a spot while dining out. And while we all love visiting our favourite restaurants for a lavish dining experience, whether with family or friends, the whole process of picking our choicest dishes, can be too much for some. Especially places where the menu is way too complicated, or should I say fancy?  

What more could possibly go wrong in the process of eating out? Well, we came across a new one. Mistaking the prices for calorie count! Yes, you read that right. According to a recent viral video, there could be plenty of embarrassing moments even with the best of us. When a woman was invited to an expensive restaurant by her friend for a birthday party, she scrolled through the menu and mistook the prices to be the calories in the dish. Take a look at the hilarious YouTube video here:

The hilarious incident happened when social media user Janae_69 was invited to dinner by her friend for her birthday. "When your rich friend invites you to her birthday dinner," read the caption of the video she shared. In the video we could see the menu wherein each dish had a price written next to it. However, the catch was that there wasn’t any symbol representing the currency of the number. For instance, we could see Pork Chop with 37 written in front of it, Mushroom Crusted Fillet had 45, and Pan Seared King Salmon was 38, but one couldn’t guess the currency. Thus, Janae thought that the numbers were not the prices but in fact the number of calories in the dish! 

The original video has so far received millions of views and has been widely circulated on social media. Internet users had many hilarious reactions to the video, and could relate to Janae's awkward situation of dining at an expensive restaurant. One user commented, "Waiter: May I take your order? Me: Oh, I'll just have a small salad, a glass of water & 3 lemon slices... I'm on a diet", while another said, "I'm only ordering Accessories." One user took a dig at the terms, ‘Accessories’ and wrote, "Any restaurant that call sides 'accessories' ain't in my tax bracket." 

Could you relate to the dilemma of dining at an expensive restaurant? Have you faced any such situation? Let us know.