Winter Special: 4 Cocktails You Are Ultimately Going To Love

Who says cocktails are only for summers? A glass of it is perfect for every season. All you need to do is take a fancy glass, a piece of ideal equipment for blending and a few ingredients in the right amount to make one at home. Of course, not every cocktail can be savoured all year long. You need to keep in mind the right kind of cocktails that can help you ward off the winter chill and make you feel warm and comfy. We have a list of cocktails that are perfect to relish on days when you have a random wave for wanting to sip on a glass of cocktail. Or even better for days when you’re hosting a terrace party at home. Here are the ones to try.

1. Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is a mixed drink blended by mixing whiskey with water, honey, sugar, herbs and spices, which is always served piping hot. It is one of those drinks made especially for the winter season, traditionally drunk before retiring for the night in wet and cold weather that helps keep you warm and relieve the flu and cold symptoms.

2. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sour, as the name suggests, is a mixed drink that packs a sour taste. The cocktail is put together by combining whisky with lemon juice and sugar with a dash of egg white. Sometimes drops of red white are poured that float off the top of this drink. It is an 18th-century drink that has a flavour.

3. Mulled Wine

Mulled wine, also known as spice wine, is a popular drink in the United States drunk during cold and nippy weather. It is brewed by mixing red white with mulled spices and sometimes raisins. Get your hands on this cocktail soon.

4. Porto Flip

A quick and simple cocktail is made by merging brandy with port wine and a fall of egg yolk into the glass. This drink has a dark coffee like colour, so it was once named under’ Coffee infused cocktail’.

Which one will you try first? Blend these soon until we bring you another batch of go-to winter cocktails.