Winter Picnic Ideas- Make This Stuffed Apple Ice Cream
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Try this delicious Apple Ice Cream recipe, which only requires a few simple ingredients to prepare. The only additional ingredients are a few mint leaves for garnish, an apple, milk, condensed milk, almonds, sugar, and cashews. This ice cream takes roughly 5 hours to freeze. If you enjoy ice cream, you should definitely save this recipe. It truly is exquisite when apple flavours are combined with rich, creamy ice cream. To make the ice cream richer, you can also add more nuts of your choosing, such as walnuts or raisins. Although we've used white sugar in this recipe, you may also sweeten the ice cream with stevia, coconut sugar, or honey if you typically avoid sugar. Any occasion or celebration will taste much sweeter with the addition of this delectable Apple Ice Cream.


1. 1 large apple

2. 50 ml condensed milk

3. 20 gm cashews

4. 4 leaves mint leaves

5. 500 ml full cream milk

6. 20 gm flaked almonds

7. 50 gm sugar

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1. Make a cut on top of a fresh apple. Now, make a cut around the seed area and remove the seed by twisting it with a spoon.

2. Boiling the milk over a medium flame will produce the ice-cream mixture. Bring to a boil and reduce to one-third milk. Add sugar and allow it to boil for a while Condensed milk, nuts, and boiling milk will continue for another two minutes once the milk has reached a thick consistency.

3. Now extinguish the flame. Give the ice cream mixture some time to cool.

4. Put the ice cream mixture inside the apple, cover it with the apple's top, and freeze it for five hours.

5. After it has been set, scoop the apple ice cream, slice it, and garnish it with mint leaves.