Winter Indulgence: Try The Iconic Gud Atte Ka Halwa To Keep Your Body Warm This Winter

No matter what someone says, I would never diverge from my opinion that winters are the best season for indulgent food. I mean, I can’t even imagine going one day in winter without savouring something that is comforting and irresistibly delicious. From morning till night, all I want is something warm and delicious filled with the goodness of the winter produce to relish. Although I love all foods equally, desserts and sweetmeats have a special place in my heart; blame my incorrigible sweet tooth. With the vast array of delicious and healthy goodies up for grabs during winters, one surely cannot resist indulging in them.

Hailing from East India, winters come with bounties to be showered upon foodies. From Nolen Gur to palak, the winter produce in East India is worth gaining some kilos. When I went to Delhi, one dessert that tugged at my heartstrings instantly was kada prasad. Upon returning home due to COVID, kada prasad was the first thing I wanted to try. And thankfully, it was winter season and my father had brought fresh gud from our farm. I didn’t even waste a second before trying kada prasad at home.

To make gud atte ka halwa at home, boil milk along with cardamom powder and saffron strands in a pan. Roast atta and sooji in ghee until it changes its colour to light brown. Add jaggery powder to it and roast for two or three more minutes. Next, add the boiled milk along and cook until you get the desired consistency. Serve the halwa in a bowl along with a generous garnish of nuts and raisins.

All the ingredients that go into this halwa have immense nutritional properties and are perfect to keep you healthy and warm during winters. Needless to say, the halwa is irresistibly decadent and will make you drool for days altogether. So, what are you waiting for? Make this indulgent halwa at home today.