Winter Special Food From Around the Country
Image Credit: Paya Shorba- Ayandrali Dutta

The specialty of India is that apart from having varied cultures across the country it also sees varied cuisines. Each season has its specialties too. Come winters and the market is flooded with veggies and types of greens. Doing the prep-up and then indulging yourself in these warm delicacies has a charm of its own. The best part being winter special food from across the country sees a wide variety while some are loaded with nuts and ghee, while some being veggie exotic while some being a dessert. From Kolkata’s Jhola Nolen Gurer Roshogolla to Matar ka Nimona from UP  to Lapsa from Gujrat to Nihari from Delhi/ Lucknow each dish has a charm and history of it’s own. Rich flavours and warm delicacies are perfect to indulge during the cold season. Who cares about calories? So here few dishes that make winter mouthwatering. Enjoy in winters!


Aany curry cooked with fresh seasonal green lentils used to make a thick daal is called Nimona. The name might sound unusual but mostly in eastern UP, this dish is a winter delight. The state is a fine example of food also sees rich cultural mix.  Matar ka Nimona made with paste fresh green peas and mangodi is basically a thin soupy consistency gravy that is mildly spiced and flavourful. This spicy curry is paired best with rotis, parathas or plain steamed rice.

As the grounded peas is slightly fried with asafoetida and spices till the ghee separates on the sides. What comes out of it is a thick, soupy, dish with the potatoes and wadi’s adding extra texture to it. This vegetarian gourmet dish can be best enjoyed in Benares and most homes have their own little twist or variation. For the uninitiated there’s palak ka nimona too. 

Koraishutir kochuri

Koraishutir kochuri or Bengali style Peas Kachori This quintessential winter special from Bengal is a must during winter. Fresh green peas or Koraishuti as it’s called in Bengali is an exceptionally tasty dish. Hot and fresh these delicious fresh green peas stuffed soft kachoris (which looks like luchi) paired with a spicy Aloor Dom (made from the new crop) is an ultimate weekend breakfast in cold winter mornings. This dish a real comforting way to keep yourself warm. Koraishutir Kochuri or Motorshutir Kochuri is pure love. 

Bajre ka Raab

This Rajasthani special drink made with Bajra/ Pearl Millet happens to be a winter special winter drink that’s prominent in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Good for nourishment Bajra is very common in very household during winter in these states. Raab, the thin drink made with different millet flours is very good for immunity. Every ingredient that’s used in the recipe is perfect to fight winter cough and cold. If you have one glass you can immediately feel the rush of energy and warmth inside you. Raab can also be made with other millets like corn and ragi. 

Paya Shorba

Mutton Paya Soup or the Paya Shorba is that delicious soup made with the lamb trotters. The Lamb legs are known to have best and most inexpensive source of calcium, protein and minerals. The paya soup is indeed a much nourishing soup for kids, young ones as well as old ones. This clear soup made by boiling the trotters and spices together in lots of water too has a history and is supposed to have travelled from far of countries and cultures

In the much modern version of this shorba it’s much thicker in texture and is known to be served with mostly appam. This slow cooked soup is a delight to have in winter


Cooked with roasting broken wheat or Dalia in loads of ghee till it turns rich brown in is how Lapsi is cooked. This Gujrati winter special dish that’s flavored with cardamom powder and garnished with nuts is also made during auspicious festivals. This broken wheat dessert I also known as Cracked Wheat Fada, Fada Lapsi, Lapsi Halwa, Sweet Dalia, Gur ki Lapsi or Gur ka Halwa