5 Amla Recipes You Must Have In Winter
Image Credit: Amla Recipes

What is that one such thing considered a panacea for 100 diseases in winter? Yes, you got it straight; we are talking about amla's miraculous properties that are quite beneficial for the body. It increases our body's immunity and eliminates numerous diseases. Amla contains vitamin C, vitamin AB complex, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, carbohydrate and fibre. Due to these properties, it acts as a cure-all in some conditions such as diabetes, beneficial in keeping the heart healthy, helpful in digestion, reducing weight etc. Do you know that amla is a natural treasure full of juice, and its consumption is considered beneficial in the winter season? Therefore, we are sharing six recipes that you must have this season.

Amla Chutney

The consumption of gooseberry has been considered very beneficial to increase the body's immunity and meet the deficiency of nutrients. You will love the sweet and spicy chutney made from amla and can consume it by applying it like jam on paratha or bread. Children will also like this chutney if you put it on paratha-roll and pack them in the lunch box.

Amla Murabba

Amla Candy

Amla (eaten in any way) is healthy for our body, so it is better to include homemade amla candy in your meals. For example, children dislike gooseberry. In such a situation, make candy to bring the beneficial elements of gooseberry to the children.

Amla Juice

Do you know you can preserve amla juice for summers? Drinking amla juice daily helps keep digestion healthy and brings a glow to the skin. Moreover, it helps prevent greying of hair by increasing its shine.

Amla Laddu

Consumption of amla laddu is beneficial in the winter season. These laddus mixed with dry fruits help give you freshness. In addition, it provides heat to the body and provides relief in joint pain.