Wine Etiquettes: An Overall Guide To The Dos And Don'ts
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In recent times, wine has become a very popular drink. A major reason for the popularity of wine can be attributed to the younger generation who have shown keen interest in the different varieties of wine and made it popular. Wine is no longer a lesser-known drink only confined to the elite. The accessibility of drinking wine has now become much more rampant and it is often seen at many parties and social occasions. The different aspects of wine are not just its strong flavours and citrusy base, but also the whole experience that it gives. Drinking wine is a proper process that comes with its guidelines. It is not necessary to follow these guidelines to become a part of the elite circle but the set of rules elevates the overall experience of drinking wine. These are some of the dos and don'ts that one must follow while drinking wine.


* Swirling The Glass

The purpose of swirling the wine glass is not just for show. It helps in enhancing the flavour of the wine and giving more density to its aromas. To swirl the wine glass like a pro, one must first place the base of the glass sturdily on the surface level and then it has to be gently moved in a circular motion. This helps in improving the viscosity of the wine and the alcohol concentration in the beverage.

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* Holding The Glass

Holding a glass of wine is also like an art. It is a basic standard that everyone must know. A wine glass is always held by its stem and not by the bowl. Even though people holding their wine glasses by the bowl is a very common picture that one gets to see at parties, it is the wrong way of holding a wine glass. The heat present in fingers or palm can impact the wine inside the bowl and increase the temperature. This is why it is important to hold the wine glass by its stem. The fingers might also imprint fingerprints on the vine bowl that look unpleasing.

* Wine Temperature 

Ensuring that the wine has been served at the right temperature is also very important to enjoy it to its fullest potential. The optimum temperature for different types of wines is subjective. It is very important to make sure that wine is served at the right temperature. Generally, white wines are served cold and on the other hand, red wines are served chilled. The temperature of the wine can be checked with a wine thermometer.

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* Never Fill The Wine Glass Completely 

One must never fill the wine glass to the brim. The right way to pour wine into a glass is by filling it to 1/3 of the total capacity. This gives the wine plenty of space to be swirled and not fall out. Further, pouring wine up to only 1/3 part of the bowl is also helpful in preventing any kind of spillage and letting the wine breathe.

* Don't Wear Strong Scents

Wine is extremely sensitive to strong smells of perfumes and cologne and gets easily overpowered. Wearing a lot of strong perfumes while drinking wine is going to interfere with your overall experience of enjoying the drinks. It will also be a hindrance and one will not be able to understand the flavours of wine to the fullest potential.

* Fast Drinking

Wine is a drink that shouldn't be consumed very fast. It is extremely important to savour each sip of wine slowly and take time. As much as one devotes themselves to the process, the flavour palette of the wine will become more delectable to the taste buds. One must let the wine rest in the mouth and let all the flavours get absorbed. Chugging down the wine is not a very good idea as it will do nothing.

* Too Much Swirling

Swirling the wine too much may also lead to spoiling the wine. While swirling is important to enjoy the overall experience of drinking wine, too much of it may lead to both the spoiling and the spillage of wine. It is important to control swirls and make sure that they bring out the true aroma of the wine. But excessive spinning or swirling is not going to do anything for the aroma of wine. It may additionally lead to spillage.

These are some of the dos and don'ts that one must follow while drinking wine. All of these etiquettes are extremely important to enhance the overall experience of drinking wine and enjoying its flavours to the fullest potential.