Will You Dare To Pay Rupees 50,000 For A Kilo Of This Mithai?

While 2022 has already treated us with some bizarre and shocking food trends, there is one arena of trends that have joined us recently- the trend of extremes. Be it the jumbo bhatura or the silver-plated paan to the 24k gold ice cream, some food experiments by Indian restaurants/vendors are surely leaving us gobsmacked for the good this year. However, there is another trend that is joining this line of trends now- mithai being sold for Rs 50,000 per kg. In a country like India where people are nuts when it comes to mithai, this 50,000 mithai has surely created a sensation.

So, realizing the incorrigible Indian sweet tooth, this brand has come up with a mithai that will lead you to break the bank. This gold-plated mithai is served in a fancy box and was brought to the limelight by an Instagram food blogger @foodieincarnate. The food blogger shows a box with four pieces of the mithai that cost him INR 2000. The mithais are served in the most royal way possible- in a wooden box with a velvet interior and as per the blogger, they taste “pretty normal”. The video has gathered 727k views, 82k likes and hundreds of comments.