Why We Need To Add More Colour To Our Plates
Image Credit: A bowl full of colourful veggies | Unsplash

It is said that for a dish to really make a place in our hearts, it has to look as good as it tastes. An appetizing looking dish makes us want to have it as soon as possible. A beautiful plate will always attract more interest and crowd. And what better way to elevate the beauty and presentation of your plate than making it colourful? A plate full of different colours and elements is very pleasing to look at. But that is not all. It is also very nutritious and healthy. It is proven that colourful fruits and vegetables have several health benefits and nutrients that will keep us healthy. Let us look at the specific colour groups and their advantages.


We have grown up hearing all our elders say that green vegetables are good for health. And they are absolutely correct about it! They are rich in many nutrients which aid strength and immunity like lutein, magnesium, isoflavones, calcium, and vitamin K. Eating a lot of greens and including them in our diet is beneficial to blood and bone health. Some greens that are great for us are spinach, broccoli, methi, avocado and brussel sprouts.


Beetroot roti


Red fruits and veggies make your plate look lively and palatable. While the good appearance is a bonus, they actually contain phytochemicals which have cancer fighting potential. And the best way to get these phytochemicals is through eating whole foods, and not relying upon supplents or processed versions. Red vegetables and fruits to include in your diet are tomatoes, apples, beetroot and red pepper.

Blue or purple 

Blue and purple fruits and vegetables are the show stoppers for your plate. The give a mystique look to your dish and makes it look intriguing. They are rich in phytonutrients like anthocyanins and resveratrol. These nutrients are known for their anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Also, blur or purple foods can help decrease inflammation. Some foods you must eat are eggplant, blue berries and purple cabbage. 

Yellow or orange 

Fruits and veggies of the orange and yellow colour group are bright, lively and look like sunshine on a platter. They are rich in vitamin C and carotenoids. These foods help in keeping your immune system strong and protects your body against several illnesses. They also promote eye and skin health and aid cell growth.

How to add more colours to your plate? 

  • Use innovative methods like making beetroot or spinach chapatis. 
  • Always include salads with lots of vegetables in your diet. 
  • Make fun breakfast bowls with different types of fruits. 
  • Combine yellow, green and red peppers to make colourful dishes. 

So, eating healthy can be and is fun. Try to add more colours to your plate. It will not only please your eyes, but your stomach too!