Sewai or vermicelli has been a much-revered ingredient in Indian kitchens. However, also a much-neglected one is resorted to when nothing else is available! Then again, from my experience, no other ingredient is as low on prep as the sewai and not close to being as versatile. If you are always on your toes and barely find time to make something elaborate, vermicelli could be your bestie. Then if you have sudden guests at home and would love to serve something creative, sewai is the trail to hike on. Take a look at the top sewai dishes that satisfy your taste buds while also saving big on the time factor!

1. Sewai Pulao

A classic desi recipe made for breakfast, this is rustled up with just about any veggie at hand. Simply season it and add water to bring it to a boil! Ensure that the sewai strands cook well and stay separate. Watch your water level for ensuring a tidy outcome. A savoury item served best with some bhujia as garnish and ketchup on the top.

2. Sewai Sukhi Wala

A quick fix sweet dish when you have no sweets to serve. Make a diluted sugar syrup and add to ghee roasted sewai. Cook it until perfect. Serve sans any add-ons. Satisfying and yum at the same time.

3. Sewai Pasta

Stir fry the sewai and add it to stir fried veggies of your choice. Add some ready white or red pasta sauce and grate some cheese on top. Bake it to perfection for 10 minutes and you get pasta like you never imagined!

4. Sewai Kheer

Roast the sewai and throw it in warm milk. Add cardamom powder and sugar as per taste. Let it rest for five minutes and your quick sewai kheer is all set to be lapped up.

5. Sewai Coated Hashbrowns

If you have boiled potatoes ready then grate it and mix with Italian seasoning or even typical Indian masala seasoning. Throw in some cheese and shape into hashbrown cutlets. Coat it with corn-flour slurry and instead of biscuit crumbs, roll it and coat well with crushed roasted sewai. Fry it on a pan! It flies off plates as quickly as it takes to be made!

Load up on some vermicelli in your pantry. It is a life saver on so many occasions and also make for a quick meal in any avatar you want to consume it in!