Why Does Street Food Taste So Good? Ranveer Brar Shares His Take

What makes Indian street food so appealing and scrumptious? According to celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, it’s the freshness! During a recent podcast with comedian Bharti Singh, the chef opened up about a number of topics, including some specifics of the hotel industry and the food business. “Why is street food so tasty but when you eat at hotels and restaurants, it’s just never that good?” Brar was asked during the podcast and he replied, “The answer lies in one word, fridge.”

His response left Bharti and her co-host and husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa stunned but Brar explained his theory further. “Haveyou ever seen a fridge at astreet food stall? Meals are made fresh every day and leftovers are maybe passed around to others who are nearby. The next day, fresh food is cut and made. But hotels have fridges, and really big ones at that. You make something today you can store it for at least 3 days and that takes away 80 per cent of its taste,” Brar broke down.

“Does fridge really affect the food?” Bharti asked the chef. In response, Brar broke down some basic principles which street food vendors follow which makes their food taste better. “Not everything is meant to be stored. The person who’s making street food is only making what will taste better when served fresh.”

The chef also touched upin something that ties in how differently street food sellers work as compared to upscale kitchens, especially in terms of ingredients and their usage. “Food doesn’t taste better when you add several different things, it only need a few things. Hotels have the budget so they tend to add in 30 different things to something that add in only 10 things. The street food maker has a limited budget and only has a limited number of ingredients and minimal ingredients have higher odds of delivering good flavour.”

Brar who had prepared a mutton dish for the hosts referenced his dish while explaining his ppint. “This dish that you’re eating has yoghurt, onions, coriander, chillies, turmeric, kali mirch and badi elaichi and that’s it. As you grow older you tend to make your craft sharper, whether it’s writing or perofming, you dep-clutter and simplify because you have confidence in your craft and it’s the simple things that people have a connection to,” he explained.