Why Do We Eat Dahi Cheeni In India Before Starting Anything Important?

Age-old traditions and customs have a significant role to play in many Indian homes even today. Certain traditions may hold certain scientific backing but some are often followed as a ritual. Did you also always have dahi-cheeni (curd with sugar) before venturing out for something new? Be it the board exams, first day at college or a job interview, dahi-cheeni was always the last thing I had before leaving home. Did you know why? Well, I didn’t know it back then and always thought it made no sense right before something so important. I mean, shouldn’t my mother be more concerned about whether I have the right documents or not instead of fussing over a bowl of dahi and cheeni?  

But well, upon researching about this tradition a bit more recently, I found the scientific reason why dahi-cheeni is given before any important event. While it is one thing that it is considered auspicious, and that after eating curd and sugar, the work is completed without any hindrance. But there’s a scientific point of view behind this too.  

When we go out for some work, there’s a huge amount of physical and mental energy that we may need. Then combination of sugar and curd is a sweet one that helps supply of glucose to the body which can help fuel our energy levels. Curd is known to be a superfood that contains many vital nutrients. It is high in protein along with nutrients like riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B6 and B12 also. Besides, as per Ayurveda, it is a great cooling agent that will keep you mind and body cool in tough situations besides keeping dehydration at bay. Perhaps now I know what helped while I sat for my Math board exam, all perplexed.

Isn’t it interesting how simple foods can hold so much significance? While the origins of this tradition have no particular time or story, as per legends, in olden days where in rural areas of India, the distance between villages was vast and the transportation system back then was quite under developed, people preferred to eat something sweet before leaving the house. Due to curd and sugar’s ability to provide energy it was considered valuable. This theory eventually evolved and spread through auspicious occasions and important life events.

When was the last time you had dahi-cheeni before an event? Let us know.