Why Bear Grylls Is Against Veganism And Veggies Now?

You may like to think that Bear Grylls, the 'Man Vs Wild' fame celebrity TV presenter, can pretty much stomach anything. But you would be shocked to know that the one thing the man just can’t eat now is vegetables. During his expeditions in the wild forests and jungles, he eats all sorts of worms and meat, but for some reason, his body reacts very negatively to vegetables. Even though previously, he has been a supporter of veganism, in a recent interaction with GQ magazine, Bear said that after he contracted the Covid-19 virus a couple of months back, ‘veggies’ aren’t suiting him that much.

In the interview, the adventurer also said that he is ‘super against’ nuts, grains, wheat, and vegetables too. He said that even though he has advocated a vegan lifestyle in the past and also wrote a book on the subject, his health seemed to deteriorate due to the vegan lifestyle. Now, his diet is filled with meat. Even nuts, grains, wheat, and vegetables are not a regular feature of his diet now, and he is ‘super against’ the same as they tanked his health.

The change of heart came after he contracted Coronavirus. Like most people, during that time he increased his intake of vegetables and raw juices to recover faster, but his body rejected the same. He ended up with bad kidneys and also developed stones due to this ‘vegan’ approach, and concluded that raw vegetables may not be that good for health based on the little research he did.  

Bear Grylls got candid about his aversion towards vegetables, raw to be precise

Now, the adventurer eats a high-protein diet, derived from animal sources. He has now completely sworn off the all-vegan diet and says that the new diet is working for him as he has started to feel strong again. Bear is a worldwide sensation. Recently, he also shot two episodes with Indian actors Ranveer Singh and Vicky Kaushal that were much talked about on social media.