Why Are Induction Cooktops Better Than Open Flame Stoves?
Image Credit: Glen India

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve burnt down the kitchen while cooking? Imagine if you had to be doing the same thing over an induction cooktop – with hardly any damage to your surroundings. Kitchen safety is as important as other aspects of owning a functional kitchen (read: hygiene, well-equipped, insulated) and one of the easiest ways to ensure this is by eliminating the fire factor completely. While that might seem impossible to do for other appliances like an oven, a standard gas burner increases the chances of a mishap considerably.

That said, take the case of Glen’s Induction Cooktop – which has been making the process of cooking much easier with its touch controls and heat levels that scale from 1-8. It has a premium microcrystalline polished glass plate and prevents heat wastage by supplying energy directly to the cooking vessel. Unlike a gas burner, where the controls are based on the eye and experience, this induction cooktop is relatively easier to use even for amateurs as well as proficient cooks.

On most days, meals are cooked and packed in a rush but using this time-efficient, 2000W Induction Cooktop by Glen allows you to speed up the process and leaves you with minimal cleaning up, after. The one thing to consider before buying an induction cooktop is to ensure that the gas line has been adequately capped and arrangements for electric appliances to operate are in place. Moreover, the usage of induction cooktops is an energy and fuel-efficient way of cooking, making the process a fairly sustainable one.

As much as a gas burner might be the old-school way of cooking, induction cooktops do a pretty good job of heat distribution and regulation. These appliances are also relatively portable and easy to carry while travelling, in the event that you might not have access to a gas burner for cooking or even boiling some water. Although one might argue that aluminium or copper pans don’t work well on induction cookers, the chances of one using pots or pans made with these materials are little to rare. In addition to this, commonly used cooking utensils like carbon steel pans, Dutch ovens and even cast iron pans work just fine.

One of the most important and rational reasons to own an induction cooktop would be that it is sensible on your budget and ends up saving you a lot of money in the long run, which you would otherwise spend in buying a cylinder or having a pipeline connection for gas. With an advancement in technology, it has now become easy and affordable to invest in the appliance and turning your kitchen space more energy-efficient.