Meet Nina Curtis, Chef Who Created Menu For The State Dinner
Image Credit: Chef Nina Curtis/Instagram

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s State Dinner hosted by US President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr Jill Biden is all over the news. PM Modi after hosting a record-setting yoga session in the US, will now dine with President Biden and other guests of honour at a pavilion on the South Lawn later today. The State Dinner will feature a distinctive vegetarian menu. On June 21, First Lady Dr Jill Biden said that she has asked Chef Nina Curtis to work with the White House staff and create an exceptional vegetarian menu for PM Modi who is a devout vegetarian.  

Who is Chef Nina Curtis?

Chef Nina Curtis is a pioneer and renowned name in the plant-based culinary industry. Her specialization in plant-based cuisine spans over 20 years. Known for her enlightening lectures on nutrition, health and the art of preparing whole plant-based foods, Nina has crafted wellness training programs and conducted several kitchens in order to curate exquisite seed-to-table recipes and create a plant-based culinary experience.  

Previously serving as the Director and Executive Chef for Adventist Health's Vitaliz Café and Culinary Arts at the Roseville Campus, Chef Curtis has made several appearances on national television and enlightened people as a guest speaker at esteemed culinary conferences throughout the nation. Chef Curtis’s culinary background includes working with Marriott Group, Hilton Hotels, Baxters in Manhattan Beach, El Caballo in Oakland to name a few.

In the media briefing, Chef Curtis said, "We have been working on this menu for the State Dinner for a few months. The First Lady and I are thrilled, and I believe we have successfully fulfilled our mission”. Adding to this, Curtis said that she was very excited to incorporate millets into the menu. The menu features Lemon-Dill Yogurt Sauce, Summer Squashes, Crisped Millet Cakes, Marinated Millet and Grilled Corn Kernel Salad, Tangy Avocado Sauce, Compressed Watermelon, Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, Creamy Saffron-infused Risotto, Rose and Cardamom-infused Strawberry Shortcake. Click Here To Know More About The Menu.