Infusing Peppermint With Spirits To Liven Up Your Cocktail Game
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The chance to play mixologist and concoct creative cocktails rolls around every year when families and friends gather to feast on traditional favourites. But this time, add a refreshing twist by infusing your spirits with peppermint.   

So go ahead—be bold with your beverages! Add a few fresh peppermint leaves to that Moscow Mule, Mojito or Whiskey Sour. The burst of minty freshness will surprise and delight your guests, making your cocktails the talk of the party. Peppermint and liquor are a perfect pair, blending beautifully to create drinks that are delicious and downright refreshing.  

Peppermint-Infused vodka  

Peppermint is more than just a breath freshener; it's a flavour powerhouse that can transform the taste of vodka into something exciting and delicious. When it is cool, minty essence infuses into vodka, the spirit takes on a refreshing new dimension that livens up cocktails and adds a tingle to each sip.   

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To make your own peppermint-infused vodka, start with a high-quality, neutral vodka like Ketel One or Smirnoff. Take a small taste before infusing to get a sense of the blank canvas you're working with. Next, pick fresh, vibrant peppermint leaves. Wash and dry them, then taste a leaf on its own. This gives you an idea of how much minty punch to add to the vodka.  

Chop or muddle the leaves to release those aromatic mint oils that will seep into the vodka. Place the leaves in a glass jar, cover them with vodka, and seal it up. Let it rest in a cool, dark area for about a week, tasting periodically until the desired intensity of mint is reached. Finally, strain out the leaves through a fine-mesh sieve.    

What's left is peppermint-kissed vodka, ready to spice up the cocktails. Add it to a candy cane martini for a sweet treat or a peppermint white Russian for a decadent after-dinner delight. However, you use it, this peppermint-infused vodka adds a burst of fresh flavour to cocktails that keeps tastebuds merry and bright.  

Peppermint-Infused Gin  

The crisp taste of peppermint brings out new dimensions to gin, adding a refreshing twist to the juniper-forward spirit. Just a few peppermint leaves infused can make your G&T sing or take your next gin cocktail from ho-hum to cheer.   

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To make peppermint-infused gin, simply add a small handful of fresh peppermint leaves to a bottle of your favourite London dry gin. Let it infuse for 2-3 days, tasting occasionally until the mint flavour reaches your desired intensity. Finely strain out the leaves before using.   

A hint of peppermint gin adds a cool accent to classic gin cocktails like the Negroni or Aviation. It is also perfect for drinks like Peppermint Gin Fizz, made with gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, soda water and a candy cane garnish. Or stir up some magic with a Peppermint Twist Martini, mixing gin, peppermint liqueur, heavy cream and crushed candy canes.   

However, you choose to use it, infusing gin with peppermint is an easy way to put a refreshing spin on your favourite gin cocktails. The spear minty aroma and flavour add a cooling sensation that's perfect for warmer months or spreading cheer.  

Peppermint-Infused Blended Scotch Whiskey  

The perfect after-dinner drink just got a whole lot of freshers! Blended Scotch whiskies like Johnnie Walker and Black Dog, with their mellow and balanced character, get a burst of cool flavour when infused with fresh peppermint. Simply add some peppermint leaves to the whisky and let them steep for about a week, tasting periodically until the minty essence reaches your desired strength. Strain out the leaves and voila—you've got a sophisticated peppermint-kissed whisky that will awaken your palate.   

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Sip it straight up over ice for a gentle minty kick or use it to craft some seriously refreshing cocktails. The Bramble Breeze mixes the infused Scotch with lemon juice, simple syrup and blackberries for a fruity tart delight. Or keep it classic with the Peppermint Julep—the infused whisky, simple syrup and bitters shaken hard with mint leaves. However, as you imbibe, the peppermint-infused Scotch adds a thrilling new dimension to the blend's mellow character.  

Peppermint-Infused Single Malt Whiskey  

A whisper of peppermint elevates the complex flavours of prized single-malt whiskies like Talisker and Singleton. The delicate nature of single malts requires a subtle touch when infusing mint, but when done right, the result is magical.   

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Add a few fresh peppermint leaves to a bottle of single malt and let it infuse for 2-3 days, tasting periodically until the minty notes sing in harmony with the whiskey's natural richness. Never muddle or chop the leaves, as this makes the mint overpowering. Monitor the infusion closely and strain when the mint flavour hits the perfect pitch.   

Sipped neatly, the peppermint-kissed single malt tantalises the tastebuds with its nuanced, spicy-cool blend. For cocktails, a touch of peppermint single malt adds intrigue to classics like the Mint Julep or Mojito. The possibilities are endless—experiment with dashes in citrus-based drinks or lengthen with ginger ale or cider for a refreshing twist. However, you imbibe it, peppermint single malt whisky is a delightful way to bring some fresh magic to this timeless spirit.  

Peppermint-Infused Tequila  

The refreshing zest of peppermint adds a delightful twist to classic tequila cocktails. The cool minty flavour brightens up each sip, accentuating the smooth agave taste. Savour the invigorating blend of crisp peppermint and premium tequila in cocktails like the Peppermint Margarita or Peppermint Tequila Sour.   

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To truly unlock peppermint's exhilarating potential, try infusing it directly into tequila for a custom spirit bursting with crisp flavour. Simply add a handful of fresh peppermint leaves to a bottle of silver tequila, let it steep for a few days, and then strain out the leaves. The result is a peppermint-infused tequila that adds a tantalising tingle to cocktails.    

The Peppermint Margarita brings together silky peppermint tequila, sweet orange liqueur, and muddled peppermint leaves for a rejuvenating cocktail that's perfect for hot summer days. Or try the refreshing Peppermint Tequila Sour, shaking the infused spirit with fresh lime juice, peppermint syrup, and a dash of egg white into a mouthwatering elixir.   

When you add the exhilarating tingle of peppermint to tequila through an infusion, the possibilities are endless. Peppermint tequila cocktails are an exciting way to experience your favourite spirit in a whole new light.