Which Breakfast Duo Is Disha Patani Enjoying Today? 4 Quick Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Screengrab of story/Instagram, We have some yummy scrambled eggs recipes instore for you.

Celebrities and well-known personalities in the public eye are generally very conscious about their health. They follow very specific fitness regimes and proper dietary patterns too. One such fitness enthusiast we know of is Disha Patani. From kickboxing to weight-lifting, gymnastics and dance, the Bollywood actor is working to ace them all. While her exercise regime is too full of fun and excitement, so is her food. Though we haven’t spotted her eating fancy food that much, we surely know that her breakfast routines are important. 

Recently, the actor shared a story of her breakfast spread and it looks quite a treat. The table has two bowls placed side by side. In one bowl, you’ll find a smoothie mixture with chia seeds, chocolate, greek yoghurt and some chopped fruits. In the bowl right next to it, we see a nice yellow-coloured mixture which we are assuming are scrambled eggs. Mixed with some turmeric, tomatoes and onions, the eggs are tossed in a bowl. There is a basket of bread peeking from one end of the frame while on the other end, you’ll see a glass of fresh orange juice. Here is what we are talking about. 

Source: Disha Patani/Instagram

Avocado is mashed into a thick and smooth guacamole paste. This is the slathered onto the tortilla wrap. It is stuffed with a hot and spicy scrambled eggs mixture after which the tortilla is rolled in the form of a burrito. This can be a handy, on-the-go breakfast recipe.