Where To Find The Best Slice Of Chocolate Cake In Gurugram
Image Credit: Photo: Jennifer Pallian

The culture of making chocolates infused with bold flavours is taking the lead in India. Now we’re not saying that chocolates are bad for teeth. But that lip-smacking taste of a good old chocolate cake is far more special, if we look back at fond memories of birthday traditions. Neither choice is wrong, but I keep trail of cheerful memories of chocolate cakes. Now, of course I’ve grown up and stuff. So I can tell that the places that I used to order my cake from were often those that I merely settled for trying because I didn’t care about keeping up with new trends, and well, mom and dad made all the decisions about the birthday cake. But now, I want to find my own favourite places. So I am always looking for the best chocolate slice in town. And to avoid being worn down by the noise and gossip about where to go, I quietly trail off on my own without asking for anyone’s advice. 

So without further ado, let me take you where I have managed to find the best chocolate cake in Gurugram. 

1. Road Through Dessert 

You know they say that you can eat away your misery by ordering a big slice of chocolate cake. But what was pent up inside me was beyond repair. Yet, Road Through Dessert's bestselling 10-layer Belgian chocolate cake proved otherwise. It took one bite to change my outlook on life. The chocolate in between the cake layers was sweeter than usual. Someone else might detest that. But I couldn’t help but see myself falling in love with all the imperfections of their chocolate cake. Now, this is the only slice of happiness I need on a rotten day. It's takeaway only. 

2. Di Ghent

I must confess that Di Ghent is a very special place. I have often gone there for breakfast because their owner is so welcoming, and Di Ghent has a very different culture than other restaurants. As they say, Di Ghent is a community, not a cafe. Now, you won’t just find a chocolate cake by the name of overpoort, which is a blend of white chocolate and dark chocolate ganache. If all you do is go and eat dessert, make sure it’s this one at Di Ghent. It has limited, but high-quality ingredients that feel so right in the mouth. 

3. Theobroma 

A very popular place for desserts as well as savouries, Theobroma does a wonderful dutch truffle cake. I have eaten the pastry of course, as I go by the slice. My way of exploring chocolate cake is much like someone else’s way of learning about wines. Thankfully, that's Theobroma's philosophy of baking too. You can just tell that patience and dedication have gone into creating the best chocolate cake. I go very slowly, when relishing each and every experience of eating the chocolate cake at Theobroma. And I have to say: no one does chocolate cake like Theobroma. 

Which of these places have you tried?