When King Maharana Pratap Had To Eat ‘Grass Roti’ While Seeking Refuge In Forest

The Rajputs and the Mughals have had a bitter-sweet relationship throughout the centuries they reigned over thei territories. There are legends of epic battles that lasted for months and years, and then there are stories of friendships forged in unlikeliest of situations. The war between King Maharana Pratap and Emperor Akbar is one of the most defining chapters of Indian Medieval History. The battle of Haldighati is replete with bouts of valour, strategic planning and sacrifices.  One such legend is of the Mewar King leading a simple life with minimal food and water supply, while in a temporary hideout in nearby forest. The Mughals failed to hunt down Maharana Pratap for a very long time, who along with his selected army personnel was busy strategizing their next move.  

What Does The Legend Say...

There are legends that say, that they also had to leave behind all the food and grains to rush to the new locations a few times. But they braved the scarcity of food for a very long time. A story of King Maharana Pratap eating a bread made with nothing but grass is also very popular. Once the troupe ran out of all food, they plucked grass, pounded it and made a roti out of it, the wild vegetables and tubers were also some of the foods that kept the troupe going. While the famous ‘Ghas ri roti’ legend may make your jaws drop in awe, but there are many tribes in the interiors of Rajasthan where you would still find these traditional recipes, making the most of the local produce. These recipes are said to be replete with nutrition, and supply body with vital strength and energy.  

It is also said, that at some point, Akbar also got to know about Maharana Pratap’s modest meal and living condition, through one of his spies, and was also impressed by the valour of the Royal family that would rather adjust to harsh living conditions than bow down to the opponents.