What Makes This Chaat Vendor The Chaat King Of India? Video Reveals
Image Credit: Image: YouTube video by Foodie Incarnate

Let’s just agree that chaat is one of the most popular street foods in India. The love is unanimous among Indians so much so that each part of India offers its own unique and delicious chaats. The chatpata and tangy flavours of chaat can light up a dull face in one bite, don’t you think? The generous use of lip-smacking chutneys along with tantalising spices and sweetness of curd makes chaat a drool-worthy affair. You might have had several amazing chaats across the country, but do you know who is the chaat king of India? Well, as per a latest video going viral, the chaat king of India is in Lucknow and serves over a thousand people every day! Yes, you read that right.  

In a vide by food blogger Amar Sirohi, on his YouTube channel ‘Foodie Incarnate’, he takes us through the lanes of Lucknow to the chaat king of India, whose popularity in the city of Nawabs is no less than that of a film star. The video starts with the chaat king dishing out the dish that made him the chaat king – Basket Chaat. Sirohi also pans the camera to show us the lines of people waiting to indulge in the chaat. He then goes on to show what goes into the famous basket chaat, that has about 25 ingredients and can only be finished by four or more people together!  

Chaat King Hardayal Maurya starts with taking a basket of potato, and adds aloo tikki to it. He tops it with dahi bhalla, generous amount of masala, chole, a host of chutneys and oodles of curd. There’s also a good amount of papdis, sev, pomegranate, hajmola on the side and dhania powder on top. The blogger then goes on to taste the huge chaat and shares how he thinks the chaat king do have magic in his hands. The mix of many chaat items together tastes heavenly, as he reveals. Take a look at the video:

The chaat is priced at INR 230, which the blogger reveals are worth it all. Available at Royal Cafe in Lucknow, it seems like this should be on our bucket list to the city too.  What do you think about the chaat? Let us know.